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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #31: Things I almost did a TT on

Thirteen Things about Things I almost did a TT on

I'll be honest here... I've been thinking about this since last night and could not come up with a decent topic. So here's my possibles.

1. Funny things my kids say. I like to ask my three year old, "whose baby are you," because I think it's really cute the way she says, "oars." But that's about the only cute thing she does.
2. Heath Ledger. I read something somewhere that said the average celebrity lives 20 years less than the average person. Sad.
3. All the stuff I have to do. I started listing and got depressed. Haven't done any of it yet.
4. Books in my TBR pile. I've got more than thirteen.
5. Things I might cook for dinner. But I haven't gone grocery shopping, so we're having leftover chicken enchiladas.
6. What I've done since I last blogged. Eh. I don't remember.
7. Fruits I like. Wow. That was random. I got a spam email about pomegranates, and I think it inspired me. How exactly does one eat a pomegranate anyway?
8. Tea. I like tea. Not sure how to make that a TT.
9. Kids cartoons. Some are good, some really stink.
10. Horrible things my kids say. "Come smell my butt," is at the top of the list, but I can't bear for people to know how horrible my kids are.
11. Computer games I'm addicted to. But that would mean admitting to my problem. Scrabulous, anyone?
12. Things I did while Squirly was here. We'd tell you, but then we'd have to kill you.
13. Signs the world is coming to an end. I watched a show on the History Channel about it. Must be true. *shaking head*

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Irishcoda said...

Great idea for a TT! I have the same problem as you about the books and about your #12, did you happen to seen the video Achmet the dead terrorist on youtube?

Danica Favorite said...

I haven't seen that one. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I thought TT referred to something else entirely until about, oh, #8 or 9, and I couldn't figure out why any of those would make you pee!
And you have to see Achmed. Talk about making you pee. The funniest youtube I've seen.

Anonymous said...

This is like a meta-TT. Cool beans.

maryt/theteach said...

Danica, you're funny! Love your porosed TT posts! I always am happy when I find a funny blogger... so much better than a serious one. What's so important that you have to be serious when blogging! Thanks for visiting me! :)

Amber Gilchrist said...

Kids do say some odd things don't they. But you gotta love em anyway. Fun list.

Danica Favorite said...

So glad this was a good one. I admit, I struggled with coming up with something. Love it when it works out that way.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the world is coming to an end. Very very slowly. It will take about another five billion years.

Danica Favorite said...

LOL Nicholas.