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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #32: All about The Dog

Thirteen Things about The Dog

Most bloggers seem to have a fascination with family members of the feline variety. In our house, The Dog reigns supreme.

1. He is a purebred miniature schnauzer, though most people think he's a mutt or a *gasp* a Scottie.
2. He plays well with the kiddos. Note photo of him playing dress-up.
3. He is very protective of the kiddos. He'll go after anyone who chases or wrestles with them.
4. Much to my chagrin, he has really bad gas.
5. The bloodthirsty creature has killed three squirrels.
6. He chases the rest on a daily basis.
7. He sleeps on my feet.
8. He snores, but it's kinda cute.
9. His favorite food is chocolate. He can sniff it out from just about anywhere and will go to great lengths to get it. Thus far, it hasn't made him sick. (And we never intentionally give it to him)
10. He hates water and getting wet.
11. He's also addicted to carbs. He'll go after bread and crackers the way he goes after chocolate.
12. The bark collar only works so-so, but it's better than nothing, so he always has to wear it.
13. He is the supreme ruler of our household. It's all about his comfort and his needs.

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Di said...

Multiply your little guy's gas by about tenfold...my dobie is 91 pounds of fartin'. Oh...and he likes sleeping on my feet too!

Julie said...

That picture is too cute! I love it when people write about their dogs. It makes me feel a little less pitiful when I notice how much my life revolves around mine. :-)

Mia said...

omg how cute is that?

Great list, happy TT!

Anonymous said...

haha, what a cutie!! is he being a little fairy dog in that pic? you should send me pics of him to put up in My bad puppy dog website

Delia said...

And he's so cute!

Jan Parrish said...

If he'll chase and eat rabbits, bring him over for a visit. :)