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Friday, January 25, 2008

Just when you think you've finally got the juggling down...

You realize you forgot about your daughter having Brownies.

In case you've had a life outside Danicaland, I'll just remind you that it's tax time, and I've been busy-crazy. I'm finally getting my groove on and figuring it out. Today, I got kiddo off to school, got second kiddo off to school, paid her tuition for next month, buzzed by the bank for hubby, had an amazing Panera writing session (seriously, where's my endorsement $$), picked kiddo up from school, went grocery shopping so the family could eat while I'm working (and sadly, broke not only my budget, by my resolve to eat mostly organic. I will NOT read the ingredient labels this month), made chiro appointments for us for this afternoon, put away the groceries, cleaned the kitchen, paid the bills, called our financial advisor about moving some accounts, cleared up a mixup with the insurance company, dealt with all my email, checked the boards, caught up on blogs, and thought, wow, I'm doing so good. Look at all I've done. I'm finally on top of everything. I was just about to break out the Tim Tams to reward myself and I had an awful realization.

My older daughter has Brownies. This afternoon. During our chiro appointments. Oops.


tonya said...

You make me laugh, Danica. How many times have I done the same thing, too many to count. It gets better in time.

Jan Parrish said...

Yikes. Crazy. Just breathe.

I hope you'll pause at some point and join my book club - even if you can't participate until after tax season.

Danica Favorite said...

Thanks. I am trying to breathe. And yes, Jan, I will join you after tax time.