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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #69: I forgot what?

Thirteen Things I forgot this week

So if you don't know me well, you need to learn one thing about me. I am extremely forgetful. I really try to remember things, but seriously, I need a lot of help in the memory department. I usually can't even remember what day of the week it is. So here's a few of the many things I forgot this week:

1. Which week of the month it was... not a bad thing, except when you pay your bills a week early and don't have enough money to last the week because you're supposed to be saving it to add to this week's paycheck to pay NEXT week, so you're out of grocery money for the rest of this week. Thank God I keep a well-stocked pantry.

2. To pick up a lunch for the small one. She goes to school full day on Tuesdays and they have to bring a lunch. Forgot to hit the store the day before, so we did a mad dash on the way to school.

3. To call my mom back. I finally remembered after message #3, where she was really worried. In my defense, I was out of town for messages #1 and #2, and she could have called my cell if it was urgent. She just wanted to chat.

4. What day of the week it was. I kept thinking it was Thursday yesterday, not Wednesday, so I didn't do any of my Wednesday things until today. *gulp*

5. To change the time on my car clock after the battery died. Not too bad, since it is now ten minutes fast. I might leave it that way.

6. To call the dog groomer because our dog is really fuzzy. Doing that now. Done.

7. That my daughter had Brownies Monday. She remembered, but I had a panic moment when she didn't show up at home on time.

8. To invite our cousins for Thanksgiving and make other arrangements. Also doing that now. Done.

9. My password to pay my visa online. I do that every month and have to change it every month.

10. To turn in some paperwork for work. I'm not sure I know where it is... Hmmm...

11. To bring my tea mug to work. Not a terribly big deal, except that I'm trying to save money by bringing my own tea rather than going next door and buying some.

12. To get stuff ready for best friend day, which is my one day a month with my best friend. She ended up being sick, so we're doing it next week.

13. I forget what else.

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Carey said...

I'm right there with ya! Yesterday, I forgot to give my daughter a lunch ticket for school. When we got to school and remembered, I told her I'd just give her cash instead. I reached into my purse to find that I'd forgotten my wallet!

Come check out my Thursday Thirteen at Frugal Fulfillment!

Danica Favorite said...

You sound like me! I've done that one too!

Anonymous said...

These all sound like the kind of things I forget too.

kalea_kane said...

I'm pretty forgetful. In fact when you said your daughter had Brownies...I forgot about Brownies the club and thought you meant brownies the food, and I couldn't figure out at first why you were nervous. :) See how forgetful I am? :)

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Oh my, what a list and I can probably tick everyone of them, I am known for my forgetfulness too...LOL
Like you I am just too busy! Happy TT! :)

Sarah said...

I love that you forgot what you forgot on #13!

Anonymous said...

I have all my online credit card passwords written down in a safe place... in code, so no one else can understand them. As long as I don't forget what the code is, I'm ok!

The Bumbles said...

Thanks for visiting our T13 (last trips taken). I am constantly having to re-set passwords - I never remember which I've used for what and am paranoid about writing them down.

Janet Spaeth said...

Here's the really fun part--it just gets BETTER as you get older! My memory gave a big sigh, shuddered, and called it a day.

Fun TT!

My expressions LIVE said...

I felt like I wrote this blog...