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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday Christian Fiction Carnival: Memorable Characters

Hey, going to post this one, because I love the concept but forgot recently, so we'll do this one today, I have a book tour tomorrow, and sometime in between, I've got a fun meme from Kalea, so we should have a few fun new posts.

Here's today's Christian Fiction Carnival Question:

There are many outstanding characters in the books we read but often there's that one special character we remember for a long time. Sometimes it's because we relate to them, or maybe we were going through something similar to what they experienced. Or maybe they are just the sort of person we wish we were.
Who is the most memorable character in Christian fiction for you and why?

Wow. That is actually a harder question than I thought. And, even though it might sound like a cop-out, I'm going to go with Havah, from Tosca Lee's book, Havah: the story of Eve. She's memorable because she's definitely made me rethink the idea of sin and choice, and how we think about what we do.

I was having a series of particularly grumpy moments today, where it felt like every little thing that meant something to me was completely denied. I felt like so many things I had been hoping for are so far out of my reach, and I honestly sat there, crying, and saying to God, "What are you doing and why are you making this so hard?" Not that He answered me, but I spent a great deal of time arguing my case before Him, letting Him know why I thought He was being completely unfair in my life right now.

Then it occurred to me that I wasn't alone in this struggle. As I thought about a lot of the things upsetting me, I realized someone else had those struggles. Havah. And I realized how things aren't as cut and dried and put into the nice neat little piles we'd like. Mostly, though, I thought about how Havah cried out to God and never again felt His comforting presence. The beauty of our relationship with God is that because of Christ, He's there.

We might have moments where things feel empty and we wonder what God is doing in our lives, but as believers, we'll never have that lifelong search for reconnection that Havah did.

Havah is a memorable character to me, because in some respects, she is me. And yet, because of grace, she and I are worlds apart. Which makes me really thankful that I know Jesus.

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