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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ascent into hell

Yes, I said “Ascent”-we’re in the mountains, after all. Sooo… first off, getting here. My very helpful husband gave me a map. One problem-it didn’t have directions and wasn’t well labeled. Mapquest’s fault, not DH’s. I end up taking every major road through the area EXCEPT the one I need, wasting about an hour and a half. The scenery was pretty, though. Saw lots of elk. YUM.

Get there, find what I need, and am craving pretzels. The little general store does not have any. So I go register and decide to take a trip into town to get some. As I’m registering, nice lady says, “oh, no, don’t do that. We always have plenty of snacks.” “At 2 am, which is when I’ll want some?” “Oh, most definitely.”

Go through the evening, head back to the lodge to get online and do some work. Was pleasantly surprised to see a sign when I checked in that said, “Free WiFi in the lobby.” I said, “Thank you Jesus!” However, I never could get the WiFi to work. Resign myself to a trip to Starbucks in the morning-they have one of those in town.

Am slightly frustrated, because I’d counted on WiFi to connect with hubby, because while there’s supposedly WiFi, I have no cell signal. Figure I can do that in the morning too. Get to my room, and miraculously, when I turn on computer to *gasp* actually get some writing done, I have a WiFi signal. Try chatting with hubby, but he’s away from the computer. Decide that I need snacks. Look for bounty of snacks that is supposedly awaiting me. Find none. Find no people who can direct me to supposed snacks.

Decide to go into town to get snacks, despite the fact that there are elk everywhere, and I don’t see well in the dark, and I’m afraid of hitting one. Drive into town. EVERYTHING is closed. Arrive at Safeway seven minutes after close. Call hubby, because I have a cell signal at Safeway. Hubby laughs. Hubby is thankful he’s not with me, because he knows I get homicidal when I don’t have enough food. Remember seeing gas stations and an open liquor store, so decide to go back and find them. The “open” signs lied. They were closed.

Hubby says that when he stayed here, they had vending machines in his cabin. Apparently, mine got missed on the giving of vending machines. Because I traipsed through this whole place to find… nothing.

If you hear of someone in the Rocky Mountains blowing up a YMCA, that was probably me. Empty tummy and low blood sugar does not a happy Danica make.

On the plus side, I don’t have any roomies yet, so I’m ALONE, and it’s wonderful. I think I could just bask in the glory of solitude. And, since my prayer that I don’t run over any elk was answered, God is sort of smiling at me now. Maybe He’ll help me find the Rainbow lodge (which is where hubby stayed when he was here) and they’ll have snacks.

Tomorrow… why the mountain environment was a bad choice for slothful writers to hold a conference aka I’ve used up my entire lung capacity.


Camy Tang said...

Aw, wish I could send you pretzels.

Jana said...

Awe, man. I feel your pain. Hope it gets better and you can get a nice big haul of snacks for the next snack attack. ;-)