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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Puke, puke everywhere, and not an end in sight

Well, I had it. The baby had it. Now The Bay-ster has it. Any takers on That Man getting it? Ah well, puke happens, which is why we have a steam cleaner.

In other news, That Man bought a new car today. Was going to post a pic, but well, then I got lazy and didn’t even take one. It’s dark now, so there wouldn’t be much point. However, said new car is WHITE, and our other vehicles, as well as our house, are green. I’m taking this to be a sign that our new house will be white and I will be getting a new white car. Everything has to match, you know.

In addition to forking over a whole lotta cash for the new car (Ford Explorer, BTW), I also bought my plane tickets for Atlanta (to be reimbursed, but I’m counting it as money spent until reimbursement is in hand), registered for that conference (yes, yes, I did, so THERE. Now to make room reservations. I can’t decide where to stay), and made hotel reservations for the Todd Agnew concert. Since it’s a 2 hour drive, we decided to get a hotel for the night and we’ll spend the next day having quality family bonding time.

Headache news: went to chiro, who said my C-1 was WAAY out, plus my usual thoracic stuff was out (I used to work for him, so I know what it all means), so I got a mega adjustment, some wonderful e-stim (love the feeling of electrodes pulsating on my neck), and am going back for more tomorrow. Had coffee with my Sara. Mochas suck when made with decaf. Kicking caffeine is kicking my butt. I think we’re going to start a Bible study together. I wish I could do more to encourage her.

I also saw some way cute clothes, and I’m thinking that since I am getting the “you need more exercise” lecture, despite the fact that I AM at pre-pregnancy weight, I may actually do a little more. I’m tired of looking like a frumpy old housewife. I may BE thirty, but I don’t have to act and look it, right? Well, okay, I don’t. I act and look more like forty, dangit. The worst part of the night-we shopped for hair color. Sara has been having to color the gray for a while now, and well, I’m getting close. I’ve had two people in the space of two months comment on it, and while I try reminding myself that the Bible says it means I’m wise, I’m having a hard time coping with the fact that I’m turning into an old lady.

And so, I’m going to head out to write, using my favorite closing from my good friend, Dr. Bobby:

Peace be the journey people.


Bailey Stewart said...

You're right, everything must match! There's a rule written somewhere *g*

I am so looking forward to the conference next year when it comes here. I'll get to finally meet some people. Watch, that'll be the year when my "regulars" can't make it, just my luck.

My hair is coming in a beautiful silver, so I've decided not to touch it. If it starts in on gray instead of the silver/white - well then I and Miss Clairol will have a long nice talk.

Peace to you Danica.

Loreth Anne White said...

Um, Dream ... there's nothing wrong with 40 ... I hope. Because I've been there and done that already. You're just a spring chicken, girl :)

Congrats on the car, BTW. Wish I was going to Atlanta. It's Dallas or bust for me right now!! And hey .. Eve is going to be there :) She promised cowboys.

PS .. Dream or Danica -- which do you prefer?

upwords said...

Shopping for hair color, huh? Whoa Mama...

Bailey Stewart said...

Yeah, I've passed 40 too - as my dad used to say "It beats the alternative". (Tip-toeing away looking for cowboys for next years conference).

Jana said...

Well, I'm still a couple or three years shy of 30 and I'm already anticipating the hair coloring issue. I've spotted three or four in the past few months. :-/

Sorry on the puking, hun. Not. Fun.

Kudos on the car and the conference, though. ;-) Oh, and the re-alignment.

Danica/Dream said...

Eve, it is a rule. And I'm using it as confirmation that God is giving me a new house this year. :)

Yay! One year, and I can hug Eve in person, and see Loreth again!

Nope, nothing wrong with 40-just something VERY wrong with being 30 and resembling 40. :)

And you can call me whatever, as long as it's not too big of an insult or something that'll get Homeland Security on my back-like terrorist. ;) Pat McLinn claims that even when I do sell and need to be Danica for publicity reasons, I'll still be Dream.

Huh. Maybe I can be Danica Favorite-the writer formerly known as Dream. ;)

For the record, I did not buy any hair color. Sara did. But I'm close to it. One more donation to locks of love and then I'll do it. :)

Mary, so good to see you, my friend.