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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Waiting for Lightning

So do we want shallow Danica or deep Danica? Ha-ha, you’re getting both.

Yesterday… what was yesterday… oh yeah, family stopped spewing grossness out of both ends. Took the Bay-ster shopping for new shoes.

This morning/afternoon-went to an awards banquet for work. I was pleasantly surprised to win one of the major awards. It was an award for embodying the corporate value of teamwork. What an honor. Because see, your coworkers have to nominate you and then the committee goes through all the nominations to see who has the most nominations and best recommendations from everyone in the district. So it wasn’t just out of my office, but everyone. Wow. Along with my nifty certificate, I also got a gift card for Barnes and Noble.

Do you want to know the really depressing thing about BN gift cards? My wish list. There I was, being a good girl, having decided to get some of my wish list books. I couldn’t decide which ones to get, so I did a little research. The upside is that I have three new books winging their way to my house. The downside is that my wish list is BIGGER than it originally was. ACK! Oh, and I spent more than the amount of my gift card. I am bad. Bad, bad, bad. This is one serious addiction. But, my book habit is better for me than a crack habit, I always say.

Got home, got in a fight with That Man about the same old, same old. Plotted about half a million ways to disembowel him and make sure the remains were never found. Of course, the catch would be that I wouldn’t be able to collect on his substantial life insurance policy. And then God said, “Hello, my pretty…” He’s not real fond of my murderous plots. Have no clue what God has against homicide, but apparently, it’s really really bad.

I ended up spending some time reading a book on Servant Leadership (I’m too lazy to go grab it, so you’ll have to do without the title). Great book, kicked me in the butt, since it reminded me that even though That Man is a big fat turkey, I have to love him anyway and do the whole servant leadership thing. Wandered through the message board universe, and was reminded of one of my favorite musicians, Steven Curtis Chapman. During this time, I was listening to a CD of Bruce Wilkinson talking about The Dream Giver (aka one of my favorite books-which I’ve blogged about before)

Anyway, going back to the title of this post: Thinking about my love for SCC made me remember a particular song-waiting for lightning. And I realized that here I am… in the exact position described by this song. Standing, as Dr. Wilkinson would say, at the face of my border bullies, running from the wall of fear, in the wasteland wedge, waiting for God to come and supernaturally remove it all.


Ain’t gonna happen, my friends. I gotta get off my butt and just do it.

Waiting for Lightning by Steven Curtis Chapman

Standing on the edge of the truth,
Looking out at the view
Of all you used to believe,
From where you are you can see you’re far away from home.
Echoes of the life you once knew
Call out to you from across the divide,
And you know it’s time to step back over the line,
But you’re . . .

Waiting for lightning,
A sign that it’s time for a change;
And you’re listening for thunder,
While He quietly whispers your name.

Night falls and the curtain goes down;
No one’s around,
It’s just you and the truth.
As you lie in wait
For a feeling to take you by storm,
Somewhere in the depths of your heart,
Where it’s empty and dark, there’s a flicker of light,
And the Spirit calls,
But do you notice at all;
Are you . . .


But the sign and the word
Have already been given,
And now it’s by faith
We must look and we must listen,
Instead of . . .



Bailey Stewart said...

First, congratulations on the award. And I always end up with more on my wish list after buying a couple. How does that happen? LOL

And about the lightning: You're right, you know. Thanks for the reminder.

Danica/Dream said...


And I'm not right, Steven Curtis Chapman is. :)

Jana said...

Congrats on the award! AND the end of vile spewage. ;-)

And ditto from me on the growing wish list. It IS better than a crack habit but almost as expensive. lol

Love the song, too, and the meaning behind it. I think it aptly describes me and what I've been doing most of my life. I had a long chat with God, just yesterday, about all of it though. We've decided we're definitely going to work on it. :-)

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks Jana!
I'm glad you're working through it. Keep me posted.