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Friday, May 05, 2006

Fortunately I have one I wrote previously

Yes my friends, it has been a crappy day-literally. And vomitty day as well. Lots of vomit and diarrhea filling my house. And more than that too... just really hard emotionally, for a lot of reasons. None having to do with the grossness I've dealt with now for almost a week. Wahoo... tomorrow is the anniversary of the bug invading the house. Even better, That Man has not gotten it yet. If he's not better for the Todd Agnew concert, I am leaving his sorry butt at home. I'm sure I can con someone into going with me. :)

But, the other night, I was messing around, and didn't want to bore you with more of my nutty thoughts, so I just saved this post, and am sharing now. Wahoo... girl's got backup material-look out world.

Stuck in the middle of… somewhere

I fully intended to write, but I’m at a weird place right now. So I decided to download some new music. You see, last night, I had an interesting conversation with Bay. I was having fun listening to either Sanctus Real or Relient K, and she says, “Mom, turn off that noise.” Excuse me? And then she adds, “Put on some good music, like Dad listens to.” For the record, may I point out that he has been listening to Willie Nelson and John Denver. I am very very afraid.

So I, being the defiant person that I am, I decided I was going to get some new music tonight. I have a gift certificate for some music downloads, so I thought, ah, I’ll use that tonight. I found loads of stuff… I’m really trying to get over my exclusive Todd or radio phase. However, when I went to push the button to purchase, I couldn’t do it.

You see, I have the same issue with ebooks. Now, I am NOT slamming ebooks. However, my foray into music downloads has taught me something interesting-I still need hard copies. There is nothing satisfying about downloading a CD. I don’t have this piece of well, whatever CDs are made of, no cute cover to look at and read lyrics while listening, no “bling”. And I thought, what if I’m not on my computer and I want to listen to the song-how do I listen to it elsewhere? How does one take it with you? While the iPod is a nice idea and all that, you should know that not only do I not own one, I don’t intend to own one. I don’t want some dumb thing in my ear. If I’m going to listen to music, I’m going to crank it and wake the neighbors, thank you very much.

With books, I want the feel of the pages crinkling in my hands. I want to see that satisfying stack of books I’ve read, and books yet to be discovered. When I enter a bookstore or a library, it’s like communing with my mother ship. Computer stuff? Not so much. I do own a few ebooks, and frankly, I downloaded them, read them, griped about eyestrain, and now, they’re sitting somewhere on my hard drive, forgotten bits of… something. I don’t walk by them and say, “OH! I loved that book. I need to read it again.”

I feel like one of those little old ladies who are afraid of the computer. The people who fight technology. I hate those people, and yet, I am one of them. My only consolation is that at least I’m not so far behind as my husband-who is teaching my child that my music is “noise” and blares Willie FREAKING Nelson from his computer all night. Maybe that’s why I can’t write. Too damn much old people music clogging my brains.

I did end up downloading an old David Crowder album I’ve been wanting, but haven’t bought. It’s the Can you Hear Us? Album, and our worship team usually does at least one song from it each night at church. Good stuff. Of course, I will probably end up going out and buying the hard copy, because it’s KILLING me not to have the album in hand.

Yep-stuck in between being an old lady and a spring chicken.


Jana said...

Oh. My. Gosh. hehehe You soooo hit the nail on the head for me. lol I feel the same way about ebooks and downloadable music. I haven't ever done either of them and I really don't want to. Like you, I prefer the "real deal."

Makes me feel kinda dumb that I know nothing about e-readers or ipods or whatever but...I don't care. *vbg*

Jana said...

Oh, and hope the kidletts get over the bug soon and the dh doesn't get it. I'd hate for him to miss the concert. ;-)

Bailey Stewart said...

I've decided that I'm going to quit fighting the inevitable and have purchased a few ebooks - too many of my authors are ebook only. But I still prefer print, for the very reasons you stated.

Hope the kids get better soon.

Danica/Dream said...

Kiddos are better thanks. :)

Rae said...

You can burn your purchased music to a cd much like the ones you burn pictures too. '-)

I prefer books as well, but I went where the market was with my romantic comedy. =)

Danica/Dream said...

Ah Rae... haven't you figured out by now that I'm a picky little cuss and it's just not the same to me. ;) But it is a good idea for the road trip we're about to go on. :)

And hey, I told you I saw some PRINT books from your pub at Borders. Thank GOODNESS they're doing that. Although I would buy yours electronic if I had to. I have bought some ebooks. I just hate having to.