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Wednesday, May 03, 2006



Okay, I feel better now. I have a sneaking suspicion that this will have a huge impact on the ending, but COME ON! I cannot believe that even if he got off on killing Lilly, that he got off on trying to kill Veronica. You sick, sick-shoot, I need a good bad word here. I cussed out this dude for cutting me off in traffic today (and nearly killing us, I might add), and my daughter took me to task for saying bad words. So insert your favorite bad name to call a big fat JERK.

Yes, I am talking about Veronica Mars, and probably the only person who knows what I’m talking about is Tori, and I’m sorry I spoiled it, but DANGIT, I’m furious. However, I do have faith that my beloved Rob Thomas will make it right in the end.

But, because my brain is so focused on Veronica Mars, I can’t discuss the other topics I wanted to discuss, and so you get my analysis of items that I have not yet discussed.

1. The whole teens having sex. I am SO SO SO glad that Veronica got an STD. Thank you for showing that our actions have consequences. I want to know why Logan doesn’t have it… because from where I’m sitting, there’s a link. The only people Duncan slept with are: dead girl who only slept with Duncan, Veronica (who only slept with Duncan), and Ho-bag Kendall (who is also sleeping with Logan and God knows who else). Which is really creepy and gross, if you think about it, which is why people shouldn’t be sleeping around anyway. However, if Logan doesn’t have it, then my money says someone bought off the doctor. Which I hope not, because I really like the idea of people realizing that an innocent girl, trusting her beloved boyfriend, ends up getting an STD. It’s called reality. And, because I am just a fount of knowledge today, I would also like to share the fact that condoms do NOT protect you from all disease. Like HPV, one of the rising leading causes of cervical cancer in women. Ah, they don’t tell you that when you’re getting all cuddly and hot, now do they?

2. The Logan romance CRAP… I’m really annoyed at how they unredeemed him. There’d better be a good reason for it. And I am SO furious at his sweet confession, and Veronica really thinking it over (and not just jumping into bed with him or taking him right back), and then him ending up right back in bed with Ho-bag Kendall. Plus, the whole Hannah thing, still a little miffed about how he used her, and not really happy with where that whole thing went. So, please tell Rob Thomas that I DEMAND to get good Logan back, have it all explained, and he and Veronica live happily ever after. Got it?

3. Threads I want to see tied up:
Lamb really needs to get his comeuppance-BAD.
Beaver and Mac-get them together!
Duncan and the baby
The deal with Beaver and Ho-bag Kendall-surely he was scamming her
The full extent of Woody’s evil deeds-we need an explanation-especially how Lamb got on Keith’s side.
The whole deal with Meg and her dad’s abuse-particularly if Duncan comes back with baby
The dude who got blowed up in the stadium-folks need to find out
The whole tie in with that other gang (can’t remember their names)
Why it seemed that most of the innuendo used to get off the stupid jerk had to have come from Lamb.

Okay, off to do some real work…


Bailey Stewart said...

I agree on the STD thing. But since I don't watch Veronica Mars (I know, I should be horsewhipped), I really can't say about the other stuff. LOL

chryscat said...

I've never watched this. Which, right now, I'm thinking is probably good for my blood pressure.
I don't like the whole sleeping around thing, period. And shows are so much more descriptive than they used to be. So my kids would be educated in an entirely different way. NOT a good thing.
And yes, STD's are a real thing. And one large consequence for sharing the love. And the sheets. And...you know.
Hope your threads are tied up neatly.

Tori Lennox said...

Okay, I've FINALLY seen the most recent episode!!! And I agree! I can't believe Aaron got off scot free!!! That is so, so wrong!!!

As for Logan & Veronica and her STD, do we know for sure they slept together? Some other people I know were discussing that and came to the conclusion they weren't.