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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Did someone put something in my tea?

Okay,so even though last nights lament was a trifle on the depressing side, I think I finally broke through a wall in my thinking. Some of my own negative beliefs were translating themselves into my writing, and I think, too, the long-lost memory of the response I got to that very first book has been lingering. Crazy how we do that to ourselves, eh?

Anyway, I had a breakthrough tonight. I finally finished the read-through that I've been procrastinating on, and get this: I am actually excited about finishing the edits on this book. I'd forgotten what an amazing story this is. I am so loving my hero! And okay, I admit to slightly wishing That Man would learn a lesson out of this guy's life and learn that really loving someone means doing what they really need, not what you think they need. Big difference. Oh, but I'm digressing, aren't I? ;)

However, I have to admit to something. Usually, this is another procrastination tactic. This time, though, it's really a serious consideration. This book was originally intended to come after another book. Here's the deal: the first book was the one rejected by Harlequin Romance that finaled in a contest where I got good feedback and thought that if I changed it to an inspirational, I could make what they didn't like work. So here I am, editing the second book, and there are references to the first book. It stands alone, but if I am going inspirational, it really makes sense that I do the first book first, so that I can sell them in order, right? Except that I truly am excited about editing this second book. Although, when I got to the references about the first book, I felt excited about that book too. I seriously love these characters. Since I committed to editing this one, I will continue. But if you have any thoughts as to what I should do about this first book, it would be greatly appreciated. Should I just delete all the references in the second and then they can just each be totally unrelated? Or do I keep them, finish this, send it, and then revise the first, and when the second sells, or is close, I can say, "Oh by the way..."


Okay, off to bed so I can work on this tomorrow. I am so excited!!


Bailey Stewart said...

How long would it take you to make the changes to the first one? If not long, do it and send it first, then they'll be in order. I guess that's my way of saying keep them both.

ValMarie said...
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ValMarie said...

Does the first book have to be first? Could you edit the second one to make it more stand-alone and then when you revise the first one make it refer to the second one?

I guess I'm asking if there's any way you can flip-flop the order.

P.S. The deleted comment is mine. I needed to sign in with my wordpress account and not blogger.

Danica/Dream said...

I can't flip flop them, but am definitely looking at just fixing this second one, sending it, and then rushing to get the first one done.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

you know... you and I know someone that's published that HAD to flip flop the order of her books... it can be done. :o)