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Thursday, September 21, 2006

My fun new hobby

Mission get rid of man stink is complete. In the past twenty four hours, I have done ten loads of laundry. (My bedding alone is four)

In the process, I discovered a fun new hobby: Tormenting That Man. Yes, I know, I do it a lot anyway. However, today I took it to a whole new fun level. Paranoia. All he knows is that I'm doing something that I think is sneaky and fun. His brain is doing the rest. It kills him that I won't tell him what I'm up to and that he has no Internet access. And of course, because he knows the twisted places my brain likes to visit, he has all sorts of thoughts running through his brain. Tee Hee.

Anyway, I am off to sleep in my lovely clean bed.

If any of you are sans stinky man for a couple of nights, I highly recommend this. My Sara is going to be doing the same thing when her man goes out of town next week. I should start my own anti man stink club. :)

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