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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Growling Bunnies and other items of note

That's the name of B's soccer team, and I have to say, what a great name for a bunch of five and six year old girls. So B had her first game today, and WAHOO! She scored 6 goals. I love watching kids that age chase a ball around a field.

I'm in a tired, bleh, mood, so not a whole lot else to say. Yesterday, I was really funked out, but just as I had completely hit the lowest point, one of my dearest author friends called me. I'd talked to her last week about the whole likability factor with my characters, so she told me we'd talk this week. Well, I was in the midst of mega feeling sorry for myself over the fact that life just keeps handing out the crap and not bothering with the toilet paper. I'd pretty much gone to my room, pulled the covers over my head and decided I was going to spend the baby's naptime until I had to get B from the bus stop feeling sorry for myself. But, then the phone rang, and I was forced to choose: indulge in self pity or do something about it.

So... want to hear her great advice? Motivation, motivation, motivation. In my case, it's there. I know what motivates my characters, but it needs to be clearer on the page for the readers. And I need to go deeper. Faster. And as she gently suggested, I'm not drawing from the more emotional part of me to do it. Okay, yeah. So maybe I am a bit afraid to go there. But going there-that's what is going to create the stories that touch lives. Alrighty then. Better get on a wet suit or flak jacket or something like that.

The other thing we talked about was The Book. She agrees I need to write it. I'm pretty sure she was laughing when I told her the whole God thing behind it. You know, the "Danica, you lovable idiot you," laugh. And then the little stinker used my beloved Todd against me. She said the thing I needed to remember, in terms of my angst over my heart needing to change so that I could write The Book, is that I had to remember something important about his quote. He wrote the song before he was in a place where God could use it. It didn't get used until he was in that place. But he still wrote it. He wrote it first. I've been waiting to write The Book until I was in the right place. Um, it doesn't work that way. And, as my dear friend pointed out, perhaps it's the process of writing The Book that is going to change my heart.

Right. So back to the drawing board.

Or maybe I'll just run away and become a growling bunny.


Tori Lennox said...

I wanna be a growling bunny, too!

Danica/Dream said...

Growling bunnies rule!