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Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's been a while since I've had a good rant

But I really, really, really can't help it.

I woke up this morning and turned on the TV so the little terrorist could watch cartoons while I got an extra few z's only to find that television shows were being interrupted with "breaking news".

Some of you know the news I'm talking about before I even mention it.

I won't mention the person's name because I'm not adding to her Google or Yahoo or whatever popularity. So here it is, and I'm sure you'll figure it out. A certain celebrity is out of jail. Yes, that's the breaking news. They released a celebrity from jail because she was having an emotional breakdown being in there.

People are dying of AIDS in Africa, children are starving to death, women are being tortured and abused, but we're focused on some celebrity getting out of jail.(and what EXACTLY did she do to get famous anyway? She can't act, can't sing, has the personality of a wet noodle, and has done NOTHING of any benefit to humanity)

The thing that really irks me is the whole "scandal" of her going to jail in the first place. Let us rewind. Does the word, DUI, mean anything to anyone in Hollywood anymore? I am sick to death of Hollywood types out there, driving drunk, and getting NO punishment. A drunk is a drunk. And there is absolutely no excuse for driving while intoxicated. Especially for a Hollywood "star" who can afford to pay for a cab or a driver or has a million friends who could give them a ride. Or maybe not. They're probably drunk or high too. But still. They have all the money in the world to buy attorneys to get them off on serious charges, but they can't afford to call a cab? Frankly, I think the penalty for them driving drunk should be HIGHER, since they've got the means to prevent it.

However, the DUI isn't what got our precious little starlet wannabe in trouble. Oh no. The judge gave her a nice slap on the wrist and suspended her license for a few months. Did she say, "Oh dear, you're right, it was so wrong of me to drive drunk." No. She made excuses, and rather than complying with the judge's orders, she drove, got stopped with a suspended license, and now she's paying the price. And people are in arms that we're picking on the poor little thing.

I'm sorry, the law is the law. And driving under the influence is serious business. Of course, it's been a while since I've seen those public service ads on TV. I think we've gotten so numb to drunk driving that no one bats an eye when their favorite star is arrested. Honestly, I'd be happy with Hungary and Slovakia's zero tolerance policy on drunk driving-any blood alcohol is punishable. But that's not really the point of my rant. Except to say that I am sick of having a bunch of drunks on the road and then giving them a slap on the wrist for doing it. And worse, having a public figure like the brainless blonde wonder bimbo do everything she can to get out of paying the price.

Oh, I'm sure it's hard, sleeping in a cold jail cell. And yes, they don't serve fine cuisine. So the emotional trauma of having to go to jail because of YOUR OWN ACTIONS has got to be rough. But you know what? Grow up. You and about a dozen other Hollywood freaks are the only ones who don't have to face the consequences of your actions. But your emotional distress is not "breaking news". Now, if Daddy, rather than giving his stoic, "Supporting my daughter" speech, bent your too-skinny butt over his knee and gave you the spanking you very much deserved, then YES! That would be breaking news. And the whole world would cheer in jubiliation.

But please, stop interrupting my life with this garbage. I don't want to hear about how this stupid little ninny "has learned a great deal from her ordeal and hopes others have learned from her mistakes". Frankly, all we've learned is that wealth and privilege buy a lot of things that ordinary people will never have access to. We've learned that having an "important" name keeps you from facing the penalties of your own actions. Now if you did something good, like, give away a small fraction of your fortune that would end poverty, yet still allow you to live far better than most human beings on the planet, that might be newsworthy. I might even be interested. However, I know way too much about you and your pathetic life because everywhere I turn, it is thrust into my face.

So please... freakazoid socialite crackhead scum that you are... leave us in peace!!

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Jana said...

Amen! Preach on, girlfriend! I soooooo agree with you 110%.