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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #10: Things we still have to do to the house

Thirteen Things about I have to do to get the house ready to sell

I'm going to try to make this quick, since I already posted today, and I really love that rant. So since our main project is getting the house ready to sell... here's the list (sadly, this is not everything. I had to pare it down to thirteen)

1. New Blinds
2. Paint Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and exterior trim
3. Change out lights to more modern fixtures
4. Fix bookcase
5. Clean up woodstove (I have NO idea how to do this)
6. Mulch in backyard
7. Get flower beds ready
8. Clean out garage
9. Put in new baseboards once carpet gets here
10. New interior doors
11. Sand and paint deck and deck furniture
12. Clean carpet
13. Clean out heater vents and ductwork

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Jana said...

You know, I find it somewhat funny how much work one puts into a house when they're getting ready to leave it. lol When my sister and BIL moved to Alabama from here, they put a buttload of work into their house...all the things that Sis1 WANTED to do all the time they lived there. It made her twice as sad when she had to leave because all the upgrades they'd put into their old house were lacking in their new one! LOLI mean, I know it's neccessary in order to sell quickly and get the price you want but still...'-)

spyscribbler said...

That means you're moving in to a new one soon, doesn't it? How exciting! I love a move every few years. (Except, I hate it passionately during the actual move.)

ancsweetnsassygal said...

Wow, what a lot to do. How much time do you have to get it completed? Good luck on getting everything done and the house sold. Great TT list. Happy Friday!