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Monday, June 18, 2007

Return of the absentee blogger

Had to run off to the other side of the hill again. The place of no high speed Internet (what is WRONG with them?) and until very recently, no stoplights (wahoo, we now have three!). My cousin got married, so I packed up the kiddos and left That Man home to work. He was grateful for the time away from the terrorists. However, he was mad that I also took The Dog. Apparently, he was lonely.

And since I have really nothing else to say, I'm going to leave you with a few fun photos of my little wanna-be cowgirls who spent every possible moment on a horse. And for those of you who aren't reading on my blogger account, I apologize for the fact that the pics and captions don't always line up well. I'm just too lazy to format for each account, so I only do it on Blogger.

This is Poppa and his girls. They spend the whole time following him around and begging to ride.

And here they are in their wedding finery. They do dress up nicely, even though they headed straight for the playground as soon as we let them. But of course, the terrorist had to be a terrorist, so she ended up spending time in one of her usual haunts. I love that every place we go has a corner. ;)

However, every trip must end. Even though the kiddos were furious with me for not leaving them there, and the rest of the family is mad because we're selling our house to stay where we're at (as opposed to moving close to them), just in a bigger house, I'm happy to be home. Of course, it's now back to work as I try to get more of this crazy house in order. Ugh.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

great pics!

Kate Walker said...

I just wanted to say Hi again to my sweet Dream - I miss you. So wish I could have made RWA this year - but maybe next year?

Sending you hugs


Danica Favorite said...


Kate, I hope so! I miss you and The Drone!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics, Danica - your girls are so beatiful! Lovely dresses, too.

As for the corner... I know that one. (And my youngest is about the same age as your eldest...)