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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ode to my beloved IKEA

Yes, the time stamp is correct. Yet again, I can't sleep. Ugh. So, as usual, I decided to take my sleepless time and turn it into productive time. On tonight's agenda- decorating and furnishing the baby's room.

She really wants a Dora room. However, I went that route in giving big sister a Pooh room, and now she hates it. So B is getting a cowgirl room in the new house. But the baby... I have no clue. I thought I'd do something floral and cute, then stick a few Dora things on the wall, that way, when she gets sick of Dora, I can just peel them off and she'll have a normal kid room.


Can I find anything I like? No.

Then it hit me... I should check my beloved IKEA. So I went to their online site, and of course, found a few things I liked. No bedroom sets, but a lot of fun decor I know the girls will love. HOWEVER, none of it is available online. I have to get it at a store. Given that the nearest store is over 400 miles from my house, I'm slightly irritated. Why, oh why, did my beloved Staci introduce me to the place when we were in Atlanta?

What I really don't get is how they can put one in Draper, Utah, and not one in Denver. Obviously, they've been smoking a little too much of something. Denver is better than Draper. And so here I am, unable to sleep, and unable to soothe myself by buying some things I need for the new house because IKEA taunted me by showing them online and then said they couldn't ship them to me.

So this is not a loving ode, even though I completely heart IKEA. No, this is an ode of great depths of depression. Oh IKEA, why? Come to Denver soon, my beloved.

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