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Monday, July 16, 2007

Shelter from the Insanity of Mommydom

HA! I wish!

I returned home late last night, excited to see my little demons, er, cherubs, after a long absence. I guess I was sort of hoping I'd get the "I missed you so much, Mommy!" before I got the, "What'd you bring you me?" But no, they wanted to make sure I returned laden with gifts BEFORE they let me know how much they missed me. *sigh* Ah well, at least I'm raising good little capitalist pigs. LOL

Actually, they did miss me, and they are now firmly attached to my side. The baby has asked if she could live in my belly again so that way, next time I leave, she can come with me. Although that could have been inspired by the revolving restaurant I ate in that she now wants to visit.

I struggled with the amount of gifts to bring back. On one hand, I did want to give them nice things. On the other hand, I never want them to think that the gift is the most important part of my homecoming, since I do tend to travel a lot. I often wonder if God ever has these same debates with Himself. He wants to give us good things, but He doesn't want our focus to be so much on what we're receiving that we lose sight of the Giver.

I'm especially thoughtful on this topic right now because my friend Mary DeMuth has a new book out, Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture and I'm supposed to be blogging about it. I'm ashamed to say, I have not read it yet, though I'm hoping to by the end of the week. I've always loved Mary and her perspective on parenting, because she's not one of those "perfect" moms who get it all right, all the time. However, she is intentional about being the best mom she can and improving all the time. Which is the kind of mom I'd like to think I am. I'm passionate about parenting- there are too many children being raised in a world with people whose only hope is to get them to age 18 alive. Okay, so that's my hope too. But I also hope that my children get there as good people, and more importantly, people who know and love God.

You can visit Mary here and if you want to buy it and get an autographed copy, you can get it here.

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Larissa Ione said...

Hey you! Wanted to stop by and say how great it was to meet you at RWA!

Hope you had an awesome conference--I'm still recovering! *g*

Suzanne said...

It was great seeing you at RWA! I thought about you all week after I saw you the first day on your way to the train to go to Target and get snacks. I was starving and paying way too much all week for food. I didn't manage to get to a store to get some crackers till Saturday, but wow, it was ridiculously exciting to get my hands on a box of crackers, LOL. And I kept thinking--Danica went to the store at the beginning, SMART GIRL!!!

relevantgirl said...

If you were at RWA, you were nearby!

No worries on reading the book asap. Just regroup.

It is my heart to free parents from lists and expectations. The book is simply about wooing parents to fall in love with Jesus, then love their kids.

Danica/Dream said...

Larissa, it was so good to see you there too! I can't wait to read your book. Once I unpack. :)

Suzanne, I'm a smart one, I am. At least when it comes to making sure I have enough food!

Mary, I was! I thought about you when I was there, but then figured you were still at ICRS.

And yes! Absolutely we need to get rid of those horrid lists.