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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Things to do instead of writing...

1. Monthly updates. We are almost at the first of the month and I do have content to change on the boards.
2. Reports, emails, and other miscellaneous tasks for work. Gotta get done, you know.
3. Pulling pork off of leftovers from last night for pulled pork sandwiches. We do have to eat.
4. Update my contact list in Outlook. Again, must be done. How else will I get my emails sent out?
5. Research homeopathic remedies for insomnia. I'm tired of not sleeping.
6. Research to see if my friend's ex's sleazebag realtor has their house listed online (they don't).
7. Drool over my new house pictures again.
8. Search online for bedding for the baby. I'm still not allowed to drive.
9. Search online for furniture.
10. Search online for bookcases, having realized that I will no longer have my built in 10x15 bookcase.
11. Research decorating ideas.
12. Cut my fingernails. They're getting too long and are getting stuck in they keys.
13. Talk to The Dog.
14. Make That Man's lunch for tomorrow.
15. Do laundry.
16. Pull weeds.
17. Catch up on emails from friends.
18. Make a spreadsheet of all the scenes in my book. Gotta get organized, you know.
19. Make a spreadsheet of the information for the online event we're planning for October. It's going to be way fun, you should come.
20. Visit travel sites to research the possibility of kidnapping That Man for a romantic getaway.

So that's what I did today. And actually, the work portion mentioned above did take a while. The boss lady had a brilliant idea for an event in October. Which is fine, but as soon as I said it was a good idea, she said, "okay, plan it." So, while the rest of the family went to the lake (I couldn't go since I still have stitches), I ended up working.

I don't know why I'm procrastinating, except that I'm killing off a nice character, and that's hard. Actually, I'm killing off the sainted Gracie. The fun thing about killing a saint is that as she lays dying, I'm revealing her not-so pretty side. Even saints have their secrets. ;) Oh yeah, I haven't mentioned Gracie yet. This is the new book. I promise, I will get back to editing soon. I'm just having loads of fun writing something new, and with all the stress in my life at the moment, I need some fun. I am taking an online course on editing, so once I'm done with all the mess, it's back to the editing table. But first, Gracie must die.

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