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Friday, July 13, 2007

What do writers do at conferences, anyway?

1. We eat. (Note the pretzels on the bed, chocolate on the nightstand and other assorted goodies throughout the room)
2. We go to workshops. Really. I did attend one. Krista even mentioned me on the tape.
3. We eat. I'm still full from the luncheon we had for our authors.
4. We socialize. Er, network. It just so happens that my best friends are also good business connections.
5. We eat. Room service is on the way.
6. We party. Last night was the PJ party, tonight the Harlequin party, and tomorrow, the Rita party.
7. We eat. There's some yummy goodies at the parties. Chocolate fountain, anyone?
8. We get free books. I'm up to 2 boxes and change. Research, you know.
9. We eat. I'll be hungry after tonight's party. All that dancing.
10. We are inspired.

Writing is a weird, solitary job. But at conferences, we're allowed to re-connect, and find a little more of that spark to keep us going for the next year or so. However, when that's not working so well, we play!

And just so you really get the picture of how insane we are... here's exhibit A: an innocent bed. My innocent bed. Quite pretty, really. Except we didn't know what that big round pillow was for.

Baseball, anyone?

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