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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Joy of Being a Mommy...

I came home late tonight from work to find my creature sleeping, and it was so sweet, I had to take a picture. It's been a rough little while for us. Potty training, Mommy's busy schedule, and just life with a two year old. Oh, how I love this girl. I'm not sure why she's all fixed up the way she is, but somehow, in two year old logic, it had to have made perfect sense. And had I been there when she went to bed, I probably would have ordered her in my best angry Mommy tone, told her to stop monkeying around and go to bed like a normal little girl. I'm so glad I wasn't. Otherwise, I wouldn't have the joy of this picture that I'll be able to torture her with when she's older, like when she trades toddler rebellion for teenage rebellion.

I decided to share the picture, and then, as I was looking at pictures to download, I found another one I love of her with her sister. I was sitting at the computer, and the kiddos decided they wanted "mommy time", so they sat in my arms while I worked, and before I knew it, the one I dub "the terrorist" was sound asleep in my arms.

I was commenting to a friend tonight that I wondered if God does this-takes little snapshots of perfectly sweet moments in our lives that He wants to hold closest to His heart to treasure.

Because yes, my children are terrorists. And yes, they drive me insane. But wow, they are incredible little girls. Life doesn't get much better than this.


Jana said...

Oh, those are sooooo sweet. You've got the world's cutest little "terrorists"! lol

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks Jana!