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Friday, January 26, 2007

My shoulders are about to break

I've often commented about how I feel like the world is balancing on my shoulders. I have so many balls to juggle, and if one comes crashing down, they all seem to follow. I'm frustrated. It's easy to say, so stop juggling, but who else is going to pick them up? Who else will take care of all the things I take care of? I'm just tired.

I was going to talk about all the stuff that keeps piling up on my shoulders, and honestly, it depresses me. So you don't get to her me whining. I know, you're feeling really deprived on that count.

I know that whole saying about God not giving a person more than they can handle. But my shoulders are truly about to break. I am so tired of feeling like everything is my job. And when people decide to "help" me, it ends up being more of a chore for me. It's not like I'm all that smart. So how is it that I seem to be able to do anything and everything that's required of me, but the people around me can barely wipe their own butts? Well, unless you're looking at my children, because I do that for them, too. But we're hopeful in that department. The baby has stayed dry for over twenty four hours. She's been doing great using the potty, so maybe that'll be one less thing on my list of things to do.

All right. I'm truly sounding like a pathetic raving idiot. It was a bad day. Tomorrow will be better.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

I'm sorry the day just sucked, and I'm sorry I couldn't help make it easier on you. (((((hugs))))

rindy said...

No "enlightening words" here but...been there, can relate, it will get better (unless of course, God is trying to really break you for some reason and then all bets are off but then again he is always there and he will catch you when you break even though it's a long way down and then....one day you'll look back and realize there was a reason and you'll just look up and shout..."hey God, couldn't you have just told me?! would have been easier!!!) Hope you appreciate the "trying to get half of a smile approach"...only because I sooo can relate! ;) Hope today is better!