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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Positive things

Happy New Year! Again!

Today, we had our annual family New Year's lunch. It was nice, a few things I'm still processing, but overall, a good time. I actually got dressed up, and *gasp* put on makeup. That Man thought I looked hot. ;)

I talked a little about my writing with my FIL and co, and one of the things that hit me was how much I feel like last year, it was all about the waiting/obedience game. This year, I feel like the message is..... GO!!! And then, I got an email from a friend about the idea of living in community, which got me really going, and thinking about the doors God is starting to open up for me in the coming year.

Changes are coming... and I finally feel like I can start taking the steps I need to move in the right direction. So I am.


Heather Rae Scott said...

That man gets a squeeze from me for saying you looked hot. Score points for That man.

This is your year, I can feel it and if it helps, we'll stay focused together.

I have faith in you.

Danica/Dream said...

LOL! Now, if he said I was hot when I looked all gross...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I have faith in you too!!