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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Research, Crackheads and Tech Support

Yep, it was my first day of the tax season.

Things were going smoothly, and I really thought that this year, I was going to start off with a bang. They sure did.

And then, a couple walked in with deficiency letters from the state. My partner in crime says to me, "Can you handle it? The state letters lately have been mistakes and all you have to do is call the state and they'll fix it." Um, yeah, sure. After sorting through the mess and getting another one of our senior preparers in on it, we figured out the problem. One that would require me to get into this other program. Sadly, my password, which works for the other program, didn't work. Huh. Does this mean I don't have to work?

Anyway, before I could look into the problem, another coworker asks if I can take care of a client. Sure, no problem. After that nightmare letter, there couldn't be much worse this early in the tax season. So, I got a crackhead. Almost literally. Actually, he was a pothead, completely and utterly stoned, and he reeked of it. I might mention that the smell of pot makes me really sick. Fortunately, I did not hurl as I explained to said client that based on the information he provided me, I couldn't be of much help to him. I sent him scampering off to procure the necessary documents.

And then, I began to investigate my lack of access on the computer program, and ended up having to call tech support. Tech support was, of course, stymied. The guy said to me, "I'm going to have to escalate this. Do you know what that means." Um, yes. Sadly, I do. Because for whatever reason, I've become the district "call tech support" girl. If anyone in the district has a tech question, they call me. So I end up calling tech support for everything. I'm sure they all think of me as "that annoying girl". I went through the whole process of giving all the info they need, and the guy couldn't believe I had all the numbers memorized. I'm convinced that I spent half of my working hours last year on the phone with tech support, so really, it shouldn't be surprising. The kicker, though, was when I said goodbye to the guy, he said, "thank you for calling our company's tech support." Would calling the competitor get me better answers and faster service? I think, towards the end of the season, when I can tell who they are by their voices, I'm going to ask them that. Just for grins and giggles. I'll have to save it for the one with a good sense of humor. :)

So, I'm back in the saddle again... anyone want to wager as to how long it takes for me to get a proposal? Thus far, I've had some lovely guys want me to marry them.
1. Scary creepy guy who doesn't speak English.
2. Rich gay guy
3. ?????

Sadly for them, I already have my very own Prince Charming, so they're out of luck. The fun has begun, so let the good times roll!!


Tori Lennox said...

Gosh, you meet the most interesting people in your day job. *g*

Danica/Dream said...

Yes, I do! Although most of them are pretty great. I had to go through and get postcards ready to send to my prior clients, and I got so excited at the thought of seeing some of them again.