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Sunday, January 21, 2007

No, I am not procrastinating!

Okay, so yes I am.

What are YOU going to do about it?

Besides, I did get some work done. This week's event is done and up. Author emailed. Shameless pimping done. All discussions completely caught up.

I also did some fun ministry stuff that I am probably insane for starting, but you know what? It was fun, it was relaxing, and it also involved some good clean family time. OH! And it was a cool scrapbooking project. I am such a nerd. Although it makes me really really really want a place where I can have it all organized and straightened because it's all stashed in weird places.

Which brings me to the thing I'm procrastinating on. My house is a mess! I really need to get busy cleaning, but YUCK! The problem with working all day Saturday is that the husband and/or sitters are only capable of either keeping the children alive or keeping the house in order. Since I have a higher degree of fondness for my children than I do for the house, I vote to keep the kiddos alive. Wahoo me. And since God and I had a little talk about the time I give Him (thanks to my beloved Joyce Meyer), I spend most of my Sunday relaxing and taking care of myself. Which means letting the children take apart the couch and use the cushions and other items to build a huge stable without yelling at them or making them stop. Among other things.

Sadly, our house is in a much worse state given that this is the five millionth weekend in a row we've had to spend indoors because of the snow and cold. Usually, they predict snow and we don't see it. Now, they predict snow and we get double. Total ICK!

Right. So I guess I should probably go figure out what the slimy stuff on the table is.


rindy said...

As you walk into my house I have a sign that says,"Cleaning your house while your children are growing is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing". I figure I would just make it clear as soon as anyone walks in.One day my house will be clean...but today I would rather spend the time with my boys...they like that better

Danica/Dream said...

I need that sign! And yes! For every one thing I put away, they take out ten.

There's a poem I read once about how you get the clean, quiet house all too soon, and wish you had the messy chaotic one back.