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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tax Time Fun

I had a most brilliant idea this afternoon as I was training our newbies. We have these popup articles that keep us up to date about the latest news in taxes. One of the recent articles talked about things Americans don't know about taxes. Huh. I know stuff about taxes. Do you know stuff about taxes?

So occaionally, along with my rants about being homicidal, children peeing on the floor (twice today, tyvm, we're potty training), writing, and the occasional inspirational ditty, you'll find some posts about the topic everyone loves to hate-taxes!

Tonight's tax tip: Start getting ready now. Okay, maybe not this exact second, because I'm probably the only person awake right now. However, don't put this one off. Start organizing your tax records and receipts now. I know, most people haven't gotten their W2s yet. But, if you wait until then, something else is going to come up, then something else, and before you know it, it's going to be April, and you'll be scrambling like mad to get it all together. So take some time now. Get those records together. Besides, it's a lot easier to find that "missing receipt" now, rather than doing the April scramble and missing out on something you could have otherwise have deducted.

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