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Friday, October 12, 2007


I made that word up, so don't steal it without crediting me. :)

A week ago, our dog met up with the neighborhood wildlife. And now, everything in our house smells like skunk. It's getting better, but every once and a while, we get a quick whiff of mega stink.

Last night, Christmas came early and my FIL bought us the mattress pad I'd been wanting. Mo has that kind of mattress pad, and I fell in love with her bed while I visited. I'd intended to buy it myself, but he asked if he could buy it for us for Christmas. Who was I to say no? I love presents like this. For me, the value of a gift is giving someone exactly what they want or need. Specificity is really important to me. So when I get exactly what I want, I'm REALLY happy.

The only trouble is, I haven't been able to enjoy my present because my room still smells like skunk. Worse, The Dog, who sleeps with us, still smells like skunk. If I re-make my bed with the new mattress pad, my beautiful bed will just end up stinking too. So I have to wait. And wait. And someday, my lovely house will no longer stink. And I will finally get to sleep in bliss.

Speaking of de-stinkyfying, my lovely CP sent back my synopsis. It's not as bad as I'd thought. But it never is. Anyway, after looking over her comments, rewriting, pondering, and talking to her, I think I finally have a usable synopsis. Yay me!

At least that's one thing I was able to de-stinkyfy today.

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