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Monday, October 08, 2007

Free Book Monday

Yes, I really did say free book. One of my favorite days on eHarlequin is Friday, because it's Free Book Friday. With every order of two or more books, you get a free book. Pretty neat-o, eh?

As you all know, with the big move, I'm finally getting my books organized. My biggest problem with books is that I have so many that I often forget which ones I have, so I end up buying multiple copies of the same book. In my alphabetizing spree, I started uncovering the extra books. Hence, the big book giveaway.

I thought about copying my favorite book giveaway day, but then I thought that was silly. Since you already have the chance to get a free book on Friday, I should pick another day. And since everybody hates Mondays, I thought, why not brighten someone's day by giving them a free book?

So there it is. Free Book Monday. Although I think some Mondays, I might give away other things. It just depends on what I decide to give away.

This week's free book is:

I chose this one because yes, I have two copies. But also because I love Judy Baer's books. If you like a nice laugh-out-loud read, then she's your girl.

Just post a comment and you'll be entered to win. Please note: I post this blog on several different blogging platforms and will draw winners out of comments on all of them. So if you don't recognize the winner's name, it's probably because the person posted on a different blog. Confusing, yes, but this gives a chance for everyone to win.


Kay Day said...

ok, I feel like I could use a good laugh, and I've never read anything by her before.

Danica Favorite said...

And the winner is... Kay! Kay, you can either email me at dreamen1 at hotmail dot com, or I'll just bring it to WFTJ if you're planning on going.

Kay Day said...