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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I am officially dedicating this book to Denny's

As in the restaurant. Really.

With my commitment to get this book out the door ASAP since there are actually people who want to read it, so too has life gotten in the way. ICK. Do people not realize I am driven? Of course they do, which is why they keep piling stuff on my plate. However, since I gave the "if you want to be a writer, then you need to treat this like a business" lecture, I need to practice what I preach. Lately, that's meant that my writing time has to happen after work. Did I mention that I got "nominated" to teach yet another round of classes? Which is fine, because I do enjoy it, I was just hoping to have my life back. HA!

Anyway, as I look at my schedule filling in, I realized very quickly I needed to take control of my writing time. That's ended up being Denny's after work. Since my class doesn't get out until 9, I'm limited as to where I can write. Starbucks, those dastardly fools, closes at 10 near me (what is WRONG with them?). I could go to the mothership, er Barnes and Noble, but they close at 11, and by the time I get there from work, it's going to be closer to 10. And then I thought about Denny's. I'm usually hungry when I'm done teaching, and who can write without a cup of tea? Since they're always open, it's a perfect choice.

The good thing about Denny's is that when you go late at night, the waitstaff pretty well leaves you alone, except to refill the tea cup. Yeah baby. You don't get THAT at Starbucks.

So I've gone once a week to Denny's. I wish I could afford to go more, but I already feel guilty for spending the money I do. I get so much done at Denny's. Tonight, I ended up adding almost 20 pages. Yes. 20. In two hours. I'd have gone longer, except they didn't have a place to plug in. Maybe I'll try Village Inn next time to see if they have one. Or not. I kinda like Denny's. The waitress is really nice. She keeps the hot water coming. I give her big tips. Maybe I'll dedicate the book to her.

Nah. I think it has to be Denny's. Yeah. Denny's.

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Jan Parrish said...

LOL. What a hoot. Great post.