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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Coming Down

Well, here we are... the day after the last day of tax season.

So the last day... kind of anticlimactic, if you want to know the truth.  Sort of a weird day, not too busy, not really slow either.  Went out for drinks after, as per tradition.  Hang out, chatted, got home incredibly late, went to bed.  I slept almost all day today, minus a bit of time when I took the kiddos out to get some lunch.  I got up at about 5:30, fed the fam, and Bay decided to insist that we go to church.  So we did.

Great lesson, weird God thing happened, we ended up running into an old friend who'd never been to our church before, so it was very cool.  It's cooler if you know the whole story, but I want to tell a different one.

Got nagged by my friend at church about having another baby (she's on my side that I need at least a half a dozen)-brushed it off, and then I came home to an email from larry.  Now, let me tell you about my friend larry.  She was my best friend in college, we called each other larry and Bob.   Anyway, larry sent an email with a link to pictures of her newborn son.  ACK!!  She ALWAYS does this to me.  She never tells me she's pregnant (she lives in OK), until she's had the baby.  So when she had her first son, I get an announcement in the mail-funny thing is, I'd just gotten pregnant with Bay.  With her second, I actually did know about that pregnancy, because she was supposed to come visit, but had to cancel due to being on bedrest.  Would you believe THAT son was born 9 months ahead of Kay?  So here she is with son #3 and I'm thinking, CRAP, how could it be that she just had ANOTHER baby and I'm not yet pregnant!  DANGIT.  Plus, if she just had a son, then that means my next one is going to have to be a girl, because we've already decided that our kids are going to marry each other.  ARGH.  I WANT A BOY!!!! 

Okay, brilliant plan... so I'll have another girl, and then, we are FINALLY going to get together-my family and larry's.  larry's DH is going to explain to my DH how to make baby BOYS, and my DH is going to teach larry's DH how to make baby GIRLS.  Okay.  I feel better now.  However, if I got pregnant now, I'd have the baby in February, which is the middle of tax season,which really messes up my plans.  I'm telling you, it's darned inconsiderate of larry to have another child without consulting me.

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