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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Why Bother?

Well, I could write about how I'm in such a deja vu period right now.  So many events in my life are happening similarly to events from the past, and I can't help but wonder if God is giving me a sort of do-over, to remember the things I did wrong the first time and do them right this time.  Which I have to say, "CRAP," because I'm not so sure I'm doing it right this time again.  At least we've got a patient God, right?

Heather did a very wonderful thing for me... well, she found a wonderful thing for me.  :)  And for some reason, I have a feeling I'm not supposed to talk about it yet, although I am so excited I just want to so bad!  So, you'll have to be on yet another one of my weirdo cliffhanger things.

Doncha just  hate that?  When you're bursting with all this stuff and you can't say a word?

Okay, I'll shut up now.  :)

Sooo... who wants to chat Veronica Mars?  Logan was acting like a complete jerk (although I thought it really funny how Gia had him pegged), but that moment where he danced with Veronica was very sweet.  I want him to turn back good so they end up together.

The thing with Thumper.  Totally not surprised.  The surprise witness-again, totally not surprised.  And is anyone wondering what the deal with Beaver is?  Please don't make him gay.  He's kinda cute, in a sort of him being a complete felony so it's more adorable than anything else way.   I'm starting to think that Woody is in with the Fitzpatricks.  I wonder what they have on him.  Watching the building blow up was cool.  Heh heh.  I like watching stuff blow up.  For some reason, even though they show Thumper and his motorcycle in the building just prior to the blow up, I don't think they were really blown up.  I think our beloved Rob Thomas wants us to THINK they got blown up but really, they didn't, and there's going to be some surprise ending dealing with it in an upcoming episode.  Because you know that Rob Thomas is the sort of writer I'd like think myself-he's got so many twists and threads, he leaves them hanging between episodes so you're so totally engrossed that you have to wait a few episodes for resolution.  The only thing I don't want to emulate is that I would never turn a hero into such a jerk as he has done with Logan.

Are you listening to me, Mr. Thomas?

Oh, can we go back to the Beaver being cute thread for one sec?  Sure we can, it's my blog.  I'm starting to feel old.  All these cute guys on tv are felonys.  Am I the only one who remembers admiring men on TV and thinking, oh, man, he's so old.  Now-they're all young.  I'm the old one!

Apparently, my new line is going to have to be:  "He'd be cute if he wasn't a felony."


Bailey Stewart said...

I've never looked at that deja vu thing in such an interesting way before. You might just be on to something.

Tori Lennox said...

*sob* I couldn't watch VM last night because our cable is still out. I'm going to be most annoyed if they don't get it up and running by Sunday. Though I suppose I should just be thankful we've got electricity and phones back up and running...

Danica/Dream said...

Let's hope so Eve.

Tori, how very sad. How dare they deprive you!