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Saturday, April 08, 2006

NO I haven't gone to bed yet

Did I mention that unlike in previous weeks, I will not have an opportunity to do my weekly collaspe and sleep for twelve hours?

But can I sleep? No.

Have I mentioned that I'm a 10-12 hour a night kind of girl? And I'm getting 3-4?

Oh, remember my love for the Bruce Wilkinson book, The Dream Giver? Shelly gave me a CD of a talk he gave about it. WOWOWOWOW. I'm now alternating between Todd and Brucey baby. I'm slap happy again, aren't I?

Anyway, my point of this post is not to whine about my lack of sleep, or rave about Bruce-I'll save those things for another day. I spent some time updating my links. Haven't deleted dead links yet, but I did add a whole slew of them. If you aren't on there, and you want to be, please let me know. I did not intentionally leave anyone off, so I'm happy to add you. Especially frequent posters... do pipe up and say you're not on there. Even though I'm a sleep deprived, raving psychopath at the moment, I do want you on the list, so to speak.

And NO I am not working on The Book. I'm taking a night off. I had other work to do. Like make Heather ROFL about every five minutes. And introduce her to one of Todd's songs that fits her life right now. And chat with Rae. And plan the next five months (roughly) of stuff. And sort through more tax stuff.

Can I just say one thing that astounds me? I know, like I need your permission-it's my blog-ROFL. I just input a year's worth of checkbooks into Quicken. Yeah, I know, I should do it as it happens and then I won't spend a week with my arm feeling like it's going to fall off. Anyway, it disgusted me how much money went through my account in a year. That's just my personal account, not That Man's. I'm thinking we're wasting a lot of money somewhere. Ugh. And I do have another cool thing I discovered about our finances. I was a little put out doing our schedule A, because I don't have a lot of um, receipts for the money we donated, as far as amounts. I just felt like we were real cheapskates this year. BUT, as I looked at our checkbooks, I realized I actually did give away a lot more money than I thought. So I don't feel like such a grinch now. I still want to do more, though.

Okay, time to harrass Heather some more and maybe go to bed.


Bailey Stewart said...

A night off from The Book? Did you finally get some sleep? I need to know these things because I have no life of my own you know? *gg*

Danica/Dream said...

Yes, a night off from The Book, which God informed me was only long enough for Him to inform me that it was to be my priority-OR ELSE.

And yes, I did get some sleep. I went to bed at about 9 last night, read until about 10, and then slept until 8. WAHOO almost a full night.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

harrass heather???