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Friday, April 07, 2006

Woe to me, for I am Ruined

So here I am, working on The Book.  Is it any surprise that yet again, God is not letting me sleep?   I wrote an entire freaking chapter.  Yes, a whole chapter.  And is it enough?  No.  I lay down at a most respectable 2 am, and God keeps yapping.  So fine. 

Did I mention that I committed myself to going in to work tomorrow morning, even though I don't work days, and I am supposed to be OFF tomorrow?  But I have clients to reach who can only be reached in the morning, so there ya go. 

Have I made my comment about how this is so not funny?  No one's going to be laughing when I collapse and DIE from lack of sleep.  Yeah yeah yeah.  I know, I'm not going to die.  But I feel like it and I am therefore going to whine all the leverage I can get out of it.  Do not remind me of that verse about doing everything without complaining because I will probably bite your head off.

However, I do have a much clearer vision for The Book, which is why I'm writing now, rather than saying STFU to God and going to sleep.  All in all, it'll work out.  I just really really really want to sleep.

Thankfully, I have Todd to keep me company. I've decided that the only music I can listen to right now is Todd Agnew's Reflection of Something CD. Everything else sucks. I even bit DH's head off for playing our beloved U2.

Sing with me now....

How long..... how long.... how long.... to sing this song...


Bailey Stewart said...

I'm with you on the lack of sleep stuff - my sleep patterns have been screwy for over a week now.

Yeah, won't kill us, just make us wish we were dead.

But you wrote an entire chapter!!! Yay for you!!

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks Eve! Yeah, I could really use some sleep now. 2 am and counting...