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Monday, April 17, 2006

Where is everyone when I'm in a good mood?

Now that is the question of the hour.  The midnight hour.  While I am sitting here, bouncing off the walls, excited and happy.  Is anyone around?  No, they're off somewhere, sleeping off their Easter basket coma or having fun or whatever, but obviously, it's not with me.  Fine.  Be that way.  I'll just have a party all to myself.

You see, after much struggling, nagging That Man to get his portion done, and general worrying and obsessing, our personal tax return is DONE.  Yes, I know, it's a miracle.  However, there's an even bigger miracle I'd like to share.  Between our Federal and State returns, we are getting back TRIPLE what I'd originally planned for.  I am so happy!  :)

I told That Man, and then I told him that he could get the thing he'd been planning to get with our refund and have money left over, and he says... get this... it is so cool.  "Well, honey, you want a new house, and before I buy anything with that money, I want to sit down and figure out the best use of the money to get you closer to that goal."

Miracle number three, thank you very much!

Of course the main miracle of the day is that today is the anniversary of Christ rising from the dead, and who can compete with that? 

Finally, I'm going to list one other really cool miracle that actually happened Friday, and thus far, no one has had a parade, even though *I* think it's the coolest thing in the universe.  Bay accepted Christ.  :) :)  Where's a cheerleader when I need one?

Can I tell the story?  Oh, I'm going to anyway, so I don't know why I'm asking permission, but here goes. :)

We were sitting there, and Bay said something to me about the Easter Bunny.  So I said, "Well, you know what Easter is really about, right?"  "No, Mom, I don't."  Which was semi disappointing, because we go over this at least annually, and we also have other conversations about it, because she's really into the whole "Jesus died on the cross" dialogue.  So I explain to her about Easter, and then I say, "And today is the day Jesus actually died."  Of course, just as my know it all five year old always does, she argues with me.  "No, Mom, he's alive."  "Well, yes.  But today is the anniversary of the day that he died, and then on Sunday, when we celebrate Easter, we celebrate that he rose from the dead to give us life."  And then I said something to her about how now Jesus lives in Heaven with his father God.  "No Mom, you're wrong.  Jesus is God."   Well crap.  I know that.  But how do you explain the whole Trinity thing to a FIVE year old when most adults don't get it.  She's too young to understand the water analogy (which is the only way I know how to explain it-theologian I am not).  So I smiled and said, "Yes, Bay, you're right."  She snuggled up to me and says, "Mom, you know that thing where you talk to Jesus about your heart?"  "You mean where you ask Jesus into your heart?"  "Yes, Mom.  I think I'm ready for that.  I need to let Jesus come live in my heart."

And so, we laid there and I prayed out loud for her and had her pray with me, repeating the words, and there ya go.  I had a brief freak out mommy moment where I wondered if I'd said the right thing or whatever, but I calmed down because I know that we have the wonderful intercessor of the Holy Spirit who knows exactly what we mean, even if we screw up in the right expression of it.  God knows our hearts.  And I know that He knows that Bay loves Him and accepts Christ as her savior. 

So I'm really excited, because this was clearly something on her heart, and not something I said, hey, you need to do this.  Plus, it's just so cool that she actually GETS it.  :)


Bailey Stewart said...

That's great about Bay!

And That Man finally gets it - WhooHoo.

Let's see, midnight where you are is 11:00 here, so I was up and on-line, where were you? LOL

Jana said...

Oh, Dream. That is truly beautiful news. I'm so thrilled! :)

You know, my niece has been talking about it a lot lately and asking questions. I'm really excited about it and hope that it means He's dealing with her heart, but I feel we need to pray, too, because my sister is NOT handling it the way I feel she should. She doesn't seem to think that Emmy is really intersted. Instead, she thinks Emmy is merely "following the crowd" I guess you could say. It makes me soooo mad. I'd get into it but instead I'll just ask for your prayers. :-)

Anyway, I'm happy to hear of Bay's decision as well as all the other good news in your life. (((happy hugs)))

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks guys!