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Thursday, December 21, 2006


For those dreaming of a white Christmas, here it is... the great blizzard of 2006. Two days before Christmas break, and they're both snow days. Everything is closed. That Man came home early from work and won't be working tomorrow. He tried going Christmas shopping, but all the stores were closed. Last minute shoppers are in deep... snow!

Instead, That Man shoveled the driveway. I'd already paid some enterprising neighbor kids to do it for ten bucks, so this is pass number two. He did it again after his shopping attempt, and now... you can't tell anyone even touched it. I did mention we're at two feet and counting, right? We have a fenced in garden area out back, and you can barely see the top of the fence. I'll take more pics in the morning. The thing I hate about snow is that the moonlight reflects off of it, making it bright outside and it's hard to sleep. I wanted chinese take out for dinner tonight, but they were closed. ICK.

I will say, though, it's pretty cool looking. And I really don't have to be anywhere in particular, so that whole chorus to "Let it Snow" is appropriate. The snowdrift on my roof looks super cool. I took a couple of pictures of it because I liked it so much. Then it got too heavy and fell down. :) I tried checking our weather info to see how much snow our area has exactly, but they don't list that. Just projected totals, which I think we've surpassed. Interestingly enough, we typically only have a 10-35 percent chance of having a white Christmas. Given the forecast, I'm betting we'll at least have snow on the ground this year. Maybe I should buy the kids sleds. If, of course, I find a store open. Although, that would mean *I* would have to take them sledding, and frankly, I'm allergic to both cold and snow. Which is why I love where I live... note percentages above. For previous Christmases, we've bought the kiddos bikes, which they were able to ride and enjoy without jackets.

So tomorrow, we'll begin digging out. It's not supposed to stop snowing until the afternoon, which should be interesting. However we need to keep digging, because the snow is deeper than my dog is tall, and the poor little guy does need to go potty. I'm hoping to get a picture of him getting stuck in the snow in the morning. Hahaha. I'm so mean. ;)


Tori Lennox said...

You guys are really getting blasted!!! Love the pictures!

MommyCheryl said...

My kids are jealous!

Sadly we are going to have a brown Christmas. Apparently, your blizzard isn't interested in visiting the northeast. :)

Prayers going your way for safety in all that snow.

Danica/Dream said...

Yep. It just finally stopped snowing!

The Bims said...

Danica, are you in CO? I just found your blog randomly and recognized the snow pics - we're finally digging out today in Denver. Enjoy it - I'm sure it will be gone in a few days!

Danica/Dream said...

We are definitely enjoying!