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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Fun in the Snow!

So here we are-post Blizzard. The 7th biggest snowstorm in recorded history for us. Aren't you excited? We woke to no power. That was very exciting. Fortunately, we do have a wood stove for extra heat. :) I wasn't brave enough to use it to heat my tea water, so instead I braved our gas stove with a match. The Resident said it would serve me right if I died by blowing up our house. She is not funny. It would serve *her* right if I murdered her in her bed, since she's sleeping right now. However, she hasn't allowed me to take out a life insurance policy on her yet, so I guess she's safe for now.

And, because That Man is of course, A MAN, and as a A MAN, has to do MANLY things, he dug us out, and had to take his Explorer exploring. He took the kiddos to his dad's (who lives about two miles away) and they spent some quality family bonding time while I napped by the fire in the dark. Bliss, I tell you, bliss. I was reminded of a comment I made when my dear friend Margaret was snowed in at her place that it would be nice to be snowed in, sans children. Well, I got a couple of hours at least. Of course, they returned home, boisterous, as children who actually like the icky white stuff are prone to be, and they woke me from my wonderful nap. They also disturbed my poor, sweet, innocent, smelly dog, whose grooming appointment had to be postponed due to the snow. As you can see in the picture below, he's looking at the icky white stuff with great distrust. If he could speak human, he'd be gnashing his teeth saying, "God, WHY?!?"

The kiddos (and Man) indulged in one of our fine blizzard traditions-the jaunt out to the hot tub. I was too comfy in my sweats to join them, but I'll probably head out there tomorrow. There is nothing like a nice soak in steaming waters with snow floating all around you. And it's pretty funny to be able to say, "Yeah, I spent the blizzard out in the hot tub." Good times, I tell you, good times. Of course, now I have to head out in the morning to finish all the things I was supposed to do over the past two days in getting ready for Christmas. ICK, ICK, and more ICK. That Man has even convinced me to take the Explorer out on my jaunts. Believe it or not, I've never driven a four wheel drive vehicle in four wheel drive before. He says it does it automatically, so I should be fine. If not, he is *soooooo* getting a snowball down his pants.


Tori Lennox said...

Your pictures are awesome!!! Part of me always thought it would be fun to be in a blizzard, but I could live without the power & cable outages. *g*

Danica/Dream said...

Tori, I always thought it would be fun, too. And since I had no place to be, it kinda was. :)