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Friday, December 29, 2006

Mourning lost crassness...

Since I'm entering this thing in a contest, I decided that I might as well edit the whole thing, and since I can't sleep, because I got a great idea as to something I can do to rev it up, I'm editing.

I know, I'm a sick, sick woman.

But here I am, listening to Joy Whitlock , who is fabulous, by the way, EDITING. It's a semi surreal event, as I'm realizing a few things about my writing. Number one, I don't suck as bad as I thought. I came upon this one section, where I've put in parenthesis the following: "Yes, I know this sucks, but I'm stuck, so I'm writing it anyway. Will delete later." It's actually not half bad.

However, I make a lot of hillarious and sick jokes that I have to obliterate. *sigh* I spent a lot of time laughing my butt off at my clever use of words. Sadly, there's no room for innuendo. I must consult with my CPs as to whether or not I have to take out the fact that until he meets my heroine and has his universe blown up, he's a womanizer. Have I sighed yet?

Which is semi-okay, because I've strengthened her position by making this a faith journey for her (which UGH UGH UGH I have to find a place for), and interestingly enough, her faith struggle is serving as a ... um shoot... I don't remember the word, it's on the tip of my tongue, and it's 2:30 a.m., so I'm not even going to try. Tomorrow when I wake up, I'm going to remember it and be really irritated with myself for not remembering. Anyway, it's incredibly brilliant, at least to my sleep deprived and snow-soggy mind.

I also realized a huge logical issue that I need to fix somehow. Because my hero's too smart to not make the connection that I don't want him to make for at least another 4 or 5 chapters.

Okay, so I'm on chapter 9. It's good, but my logical flow is off. I see where I messed it up, though, so it's fixable. I am *SO* not tired, but I really gotta get to bed.

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MommyCheryl said...

Dream, you just read Fatal Image, right? That is the most current Steeple Hill release I can think of that mentions that the hero was a womanizer (player is what is used in the book). It isn't a big focus, definitely not dragging out details, but used since Bianca isn't sure about trusting his attentions because she knows he is/was a player.