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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A little research and a good night's sleep

Makes it all better. :)

The reason I went to the doctor yesterday and found out about my weight gain is I was having "woman troubles". Don't want to scare the guys too much, so I'll try not to give too much detail. :) Anyway, the reason I was having the symptoms I was having is that I don't have enough progesterone. As That Man said about it, I'm not hormonal because I don't have any! So HA!

I was given the option of going back on birth control or letting it run its course, which will mean certain body parts will hurt until my body figures out what it's doing. However, I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE birth control pills. You think I'm a freak now-you seriously don't want to be around me when I'm on those things. Soo, I took door number two.

I decided to Google my diagnosis (I bet doctors hate we do that!) and there's a whole bunch of stuff out there. Including self diagnosis quizzes. It scares me how many things I have going on with my body that are related to a progesterone deficiency. INCLUDING: unexplained weight gain or inability to lose weight. I'm not a big fat cow because I'm a big fat cow. My lack of hormones made me that way! Score one for the home team. :) Seriously, though, I realized that there's a real explanation for a lot of sudden and weird changes in my health-even in things that I just figured "that's how I am."

Which led me to deciding to take action to fix it (without the evil pill). However, there are so many wackos out there, and most of the resources end with the whole "buy my product" routine, I didn't know who to trust. And so... I used my secret weapon. I used to work with a nutritionist who just happens to also hate the evil pill, and I knew she'd have a solution for me. I called her and she put me in touch with a very nice lady on the east coast who deals in all natural remedies (and will ONLY sell to licensed medical professionals) who confirmed my doctor's diagnosis and friend's diagnosis (which matches what I found online), soooo I'm meeting with my friend on Friday to get me some stuff to make it better.

I know, you were all soooo interested in my health. But it has an important lesson. And there usually is one in all of my long stories. The amazing thing about living in the information age is that we can get all sorts of information. But as thinking adults, we also need to find ways of measuring that information and test it. I absolutely bought my doctor's diagnosis. But I'm not a "wait and see" kind of girl. My doctor, even though he is one of the best doctors in town, and I absolutely love him, is not as into the natural/holistic medicine as I am. I recognize this and do research on my own for what I want. But NOTICE-I didn't go off half baked and take the advice of all the quacks out there who think they know about my condition. Anyone can post anything they want on the Internet and call themselves an expert. For all you people know (except for the ones who've met me in person), I could be a teenager, a bald octogenerian, or *gasp* some random celebrity. I'm not. But how would you know? So don't believe all the crap people write, especially when it comes to your health. I read up, checked with someone I know is an expert, who had me confirm with an expert, and NOW I'm taking action.

Soooo... I'm much happier now. I'm also pretty excited, because a lot of the problems I've been having are things that are fixable. Things like my migraines-soon to be gone. They began when I started having these symptoms, and wouldn't ya know-migraines can also be the result of lack of progesterone. One little hormone-lotsa stuff fixed. :) I might even stop wanting to blow up the universe. But I wouldn't count on it. Blowing stuff up is cool.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Danica,
Here is a really good website on natural healing and nutrition that I bet you would like:


It's worth a look, anyway. Beware, though, they are NOT "PC" about health issues. I really like their perspective though!