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Saturday, December 02, 2006


Well, it's been a doozy of a couple few days. I ended up with the nasty stomach virus my children had, which has not been fun. Fortunately, I was better this morning, and got to go teach the first session of my latest class. Unfortunately, it decided to snow-again. We still haven't gotten rid of the snow from the last storm, so I was much displeased. That Man, smart as he is, was indignant on my behalf that it would snow without asking my permission. ;)

Class was fine, I felt like a total dork teaching, and didn't realize until halfway through that the district manager was listening in. Eeek! However, at the end of class we talked and she said she thought I did great. As in, if it was in her budget, she'd hire me to do nothing but teach full time. YIKES! And, I get to teach another training class that I wasn't planning on. Ain't I just popular? I just want to know-if I'm so great, why do I think I'm making a fool out of myself up there?

I came home, made this fabulous "nacho surprise" thing for dinner. AKA throw a bunch of stuff on tortilla chips, top with cheese and melt under the broiler because I haven't done grocery shopping.

Then, I decided to embark on a project that HAS to get done. We have a friend moving in with us coming up in less than ten days, which means I have to get the spare room cleaned out. Which means consolidating and sorting kid junk, finding storage for said kid junk, etc. I'm quite pleased with the results. The room will be ready as soon as I finish sorting baby clothes and put them in the attic. Well, and then I should probably clean it. :)

Part of this process also involves cleaning my office. In the shifting process, I had to move my book boxes from The Room into my office. Which means moving out the last remnants of kid stuff and *gasp* sorting my own stuff. See, I have a thing about filing. Necessary evil, but I hate doing it. So I wait until I HAVE to do it. AKA tax time. So I might actually get it all done here in the next few days and when tax time comes, I might actually have an easier time of it.

Nah... my mess is always the least of the worries. The worst part is That Man's stuff and his business nightmare. One of these days, I'll take a picture of it in all of its glory and you can see what a disaster it is. But who knows, maybe all of my hard work will inspire him and he'll want to have his desk area look like mine and he'll get it done too.

OH! And I sorted through Christmas presents today. I almost have all of my shopping done. The presents are all neatly organized into recipient, so all I have to do is wrap and put under tree. Note to self: buy wrapping paper. :)

Tomorrow, I'm off to participate in one of That Man's family traditions-making potica (it's spelled a million different ways, but you can click hereto see what I'm talking about. I've always wanted to learn, so I'm excited that Teri is having everyone over to learn how to do it. I'm told to be prepared to get really flour-y and that it's going to take all day. Fun, fun, fun.

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