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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Plotting the new year...

I'm chowing down on chocolate cake. Why? Because I can. And because I have just over 24 hours until I have to think about actually being good and pretending that I care about the usual resolution garbage that I need to get serious about losing the weight that I gained when I was supposed to be losing weight. HA!

And because I refuse to do one of those stupid year end summary lists or year beginning "these are the resolutions I'm making even though we all know I won't do it" lists, here's the list I AM making...

Pending That Man's approval, I'm attending four conferences this year-five if I can figure out a way to go to ICRS again. Since it's far away and at this point not a career maker (except for the fun and research of course), I dunno if I can justify. Plus, I'm jumping from 2-3 to 4. Can I handle so much having to not be a hermit in one year?

Anyway, here's my list. Do plan on attending... I'll be there with bells on so long as That Man agrees and we find people to watch the creatures.
1. Romancing the Rockies-Denver May 11-12
2. Colorado Christian Writers Conference-Estes Park May 16-19
3. RWA National-Dallas July 11-14
4. ACFW-Dallas September 20-23

Hmmm... ICRS is July 8-12 in Atlanta... do I want to go to Atlanta again? And, can I do two right on top of each other? Of course, I *AM* doing Dallas twice. There's obviously something wrong with me.

Now to make rooming arrangements. I kinda sorta volunteered to help with Romancing the Rockies, so I think I may stay at the hotel, which is fairly cheap, but I still should probably find a roomie. Or, I could talk the hubby into coming out for a night and... Nah! Married people don't do that. ;)

Estes Park... well, I kinda sorta told That Man last year that he and the kids could come this year because he was jealous that I got to go. So I suppose I need to offer to him first, but if not, I'll do some searching.

Dallas #1-My bestest and most favorite roomie HATES Dallas and refuses to come. Dana, Beloved, what will I do without you and our personal assistant? Jo! Stat! Call our PA and tell her I NEED her. But for now, I am roommateless. That Man, by the way, has said he will not be in attendance because Dallas is no fun.

Dallas #2-I might have a roomie for this one. Possibly. I was chatting with friends about it and they told me to be roomies with a friend of ours (because *THEY* have "special" arrangements :P ). So I have in my head that I'm rooming with this person, except now I don't know if I talked to that person about being roomies. Ah, the drama!

Of course I'm also DYING to go to Mt. Hermon, however, I know it's not in the budget, and that's the worst possible time to get time off from the job. But I'd get a whole bunch of days with my beloved Camy . But, if all goes according to plan, I'd at least be able to see her in Dallas.

Finally, rounding out my travel plans for the year, are my plans to do another retreat with the girls. At least one. Plus, I NEED to go back to the Hop at least once, because I've decided that it is going to be my place of annual pilgrimage. Not only is it a great place of worship, but there's this AWESOME Mexican place that Pammer and her hubby took me to and I MUST go back. Add in the places I mentally want to visit, huh, I should write them down to make them real goals, eh? Okay, fine, here it is:
1. See my dad.
2. Go back to the Hop.
3. Visit Joni.
4. Visit Tess.
5. Another retreat with the girls.
6. Another Todd concert (which I hope to be in conjunction with the retreat).

I think this means I really need to start doing something productive so I have the moolah this is going to take. Actually, it's more the bottom list that I need to budget for, since the top list is pretty well already budgeted, well except for ACFW. Oooh, I'd better start watching airfare for Dallas.

Anybody want to buy a book so I can afford my travel habit? Large contracts welcome!

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