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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Extremely not a-MUSE-d

As much I tell you all about my crazy life, one thing I have not mentioned is that for the past week, I've had almost a continual migraine. It comes and goes, and for the first part of the week, until a snafu between the doctor and the pharmacy was cleared up, I had no meds. Well, I finally have meds and I'm taking the highest dose I've ever needed. The headache goes for a while, but it ends up coming back in full force several hours later. Well, here I am, full force headache, and highly medicated. Wahoo me.

However, an interesting thing has been happening in the midst of my headaches. The muse is speaking. Which is really interesting, because ever since God and I had our little obedience discussion several months ago, the muse pretty well stopped. I just could not be creative, and I was stuck in edit mode. Well, I'm still in edit mode, and I have about 3 complete manuscripts that I've never submitted. I wrote them during the "I don't know which direction to go" phase, so they've sat. Now that I've decided to join ACFW and enter two of them into a contest, the floodgates have opened. The third book, which I had no idea was going to be inspirational, has finally come to me as an inspirational. Or at least how to rewrite it into one.

Last night, I got a perfect scene, but I was so focused on fighting the headache, I didn't write it all down, and I've lost most of it. Tonight, despite the fact that it's nearly 4 am, I'm up and writing it. Interestingly enough, my headache is starting to fade. But maybe the drugs are finally kicking in.

Is it possible to explain to the muse AKA GOD that while I appreciate the fact that I'm being allowed to write again, that I am a mother of small children who try to blow up my house if I'm not supervising them, these wee hours are not really great for keeping my children alive? Or me for that matter. So we either need to fix the timing of these fabulous revelations (for which I am grateful) or fix my need for sleep. Either works, really.

And so... back on the table are:
-The AIDS book

Oh, and I think I have a real theme to tie The Book together. I'm smoking now... if I could only get some sleep.


Anonymous said...

im going in


July 30 - Aug 2

San Francisco Marriott

Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* I hope the meds have you feeling more the thing again soon.

Danica/Dream said...

Oh you think so, do you? Then I suppose you're going to have to be a VERY good boy. ;)

Thanks Tori. I hope so too.