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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Excitement on the horizon

I'm watching my beloved Joyce Meyer, doing laundry, and trying to pack. Yep, I'm off tomorrow on a fun and exciting journey-a first for me.

I'm flying to Wichita to see Todd Agnew in concert. I've never flown somewhere specifically to go to a concert. There, I'm meeting up with some friends I've met on his message boards, having dinner, going to the concert, and then driving to Kansas City for a weekend retreat at the International House of Prayer. THEN, on Sunday, I get to meet up with Pammer at the service. Wahoo!! Plus, it's very near my best friend from childhood's last known address, so I'm hoping to find a local phone book to look her up and find her again. I miss my Melly!

So it really is a multipurpose trip, and when I initially heard about it, I didn't realize it included going to the concert. But since it does... I chose a flight arrangement that would get me there. :) Which I suppose means I'm not exactly flying specifically for a concert, because I wouldn't be doing it without the retreat, but well, I'm counting it anyway. :)

And yes, I am bringing my Mistress, and yes, I will have some internet access (had to check, you know. Plus, I do have a job to do that doesn't go away just because I do), and yes, I am bringing my camera and the thingy to download the pictures, so if all goes well, you may be treated to some fun pics at some point in the weekend. Or not. LOL

Okay, Joyce is over, I heard the washer finish the spin cycle, so I'd better get motoring...

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