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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Make it STOP!!!

Yes, we are getting more snow. Much more snow. We NEVER get this much snow. Did I mention it's not supposed to stop snowing until late Saturday night/early Sunday morning? We're going to have a few breaks, but now much. Here's to another two feet!

I am going crazy from sitting here for a week with kiddos running around like maniacs because it's too cold for them to go out. The stores are already running out of supplies, like bread and chocolate cake.

So I'm working on my entries, good little girl that I am. They're out for crits, so hopefully, I'll have good news. If not, it's not like I can go anywhere, so plenty of time to work. If I'm not killing my children.

1 comment:

MommyCheryl said...

I never knew chocolate cake was a blizzard supply. ;) I'd trade you the snow for our snowless yard. My kiddos are going nuts because there is nothing to do. At least with snow, the cold has some purpose.