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Monday, December 01, 2014

December Thanksgiving Art Journal Challenge Day One!

December 1 art journalYay! It's finally here! December 1st, and the continuation of thanksgiving celebrations! Today's Thanksgiving Challenge is to find something from the trash and put it in your art journal. Think about reasons why you are thankful for that item. As I mentioned in the video (but I know not everyone likes to watch the video!), you'll open up the index card book, aka your art journal, and paste the piece of trash on the top half, and then write a little something talking about why you're thankful for that item on the bottom half.  You get the idea from my picture. :)

I hope looking at my art journal inspires some of you in that it really doesn't have to be perfect. I took a tissue from my trash can and just taped it into my art journal with some pretty washi tape. I thought about gluing it, but then I thought it would take too much time to dry, and I was making a video with it and didn't want to wait. :)

And even though I've suggested this layout, you can do whatever you want. I like this way because it gives a small space for you to put your art, and then a small space to write about it, and then you're done! Easy peasy, and takes less than five minutes!!

Now to the journal part. You'll notice the very first thing I asked you to be thankful for was something in the trash. I was really intentional with this challenge in choosing items we take for granted every day. I think being faithful in being thankful for the little things helps us be more mindful in our day, and also to be more cognizant of recognizing the big things we're thankful for as well. So today's item, something from the trash, it's a good reminder for me that even though I'm throwing something away because it's no longer useful to me, it once had a use, and I'm thankful for the purpose it once served in my life.

For those who can't read my messy writing, the message in my art journal says, "I'm thankful for the tissues in my trash. Since I have sinus issues, it makes me happy to know that I have an easy way to deal with it. Plus, it's a reminder that my family is healthy. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Maybe the three thank you's seem like overkill, but to me it felt right, and it felt good to give an abundance of gratitude.

I'd love for you to share your art journal masterpieces. You can either post them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #DecemberThanksgiving, or feel free to email me if you want to keep it private.

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