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Friday, August 11, 2006


Aka why farm life is not for me.

Yes, I'm at my mom's. I took the kiddos for the weekend. I'm not sure what possessed me to do such a thing, it probably had something to do with the invite to my cousin's bridal shower, and the fact that the kiddos hadn't gotten their usual "grandma time", and I sorta feel bad that my last forays into farm central have been all about dropping off kiddos and not actually visiting the fam.

Whatever the reason, I've been here for seven hours and am ready to head back to the smog filled air I like to call home. I just can't breathe in this place. Waiting for drugs to kick in so I can go to bed. How did I survive growing up here? My kiddos, however, love it. And so far, I haven't had to drag out allergy meds for them.

I will say one thing for farm life. Since we are still on dial up, I don't get as much of a chance to be online. Plus, since it's not MY house, I don't have any work to tie me down (you know, like catching up on laundry). So, tonight, rather than doing my usual, and because Mom ordered pizza, I sat on the swing in the backyard and taught my 2 year old how to swing. There's something super cool about playing on the swings and not having to worry about getting home in time to start supper, or to get home to get some real work done, or to get to the next place in the long line of place we must stop at by the end of the day (what? You guys don't bribe your kids with a trip to the park if they will only stop whining so you can get through the line at the post office?). I also allowed her to lead me around and show me all the things a two year would think cool on a farm.

For example:
1. The horse peeing. It's a fascinating sight to someone who's potty training. Which leads to great conversation-"Horsie go pee." "Yes, honey, the horse is peeing." "Horsie go potty." "Yes, the horsie is going potty." "Horsie needs to go inside and use big girl potty." Uh, no. "Let's go see what the dogs are doing."
2. The dogs humping. "What doggies doing?" "Boys, stop it! Bad Dogs!" (Yes, they are two males-could someone please tell me why it's only the male animals that feel the need to copulate like mad?) "Bad Doggies!" "Come on, let's go find Poppa."
3. Poppa's tractor. "Baby go ride tractor." Baby runs in direction of running tractor. "Wait! Stay out of Poppa's way." "Baby go ride tractor." Tractor makes loud noise as the back thingy that they're messing with finally drops. "Tractor loud, Mommy. Go Play." So we went and played on the swings.

And then of course, there's the time we've spent snuggling on the couch. I do love those girls. For whatever reason, when we're here, they seem to snuggle a lot more. It reminds me how much I love being their mom. They may be little terrorists, but I'll tell you, there is nothing sweeter than my girls.

So even though my sinuses are revolting, even though my eyes feel like sandpaper, and I think my lungs have ceased to operate, I'm having a good time. Tomorrow, it's off to see the rest of the fam, drink some punch, and see what other fun can be had. I imagine I'll be doing some laundry, because well, it just wouldn't be my life without it. Thus far today I've been peed on, had a messy butt wiped on, spilled BBQ sauce on, and probably a few other nasty encounters. Add in a child with a fire ant encounter that led to dumping her fully clothed into a pool, and my clean clothes bag is suddenly running a bit short.

Life on the farm is never, ever, dull.


Tori Lennox said...

Farms are great places to visit. Wouldn't want to live on one, though. :)

Patricia W. said...

I've never been on a farm but, except for the potential allergic meltdown, it sounds like a blast! Especially seen through the eyes of a child (aren't most things better that way?)

Danica/Dream said...

Seeing things from the kids POV is the best. Yes, it is a great place to visit, but nowhere I want to live.

Camy Tang said...

Soooooo sorry to hear about the allergies, but your time with your kids sounds so awesome.