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Friday, August 04, 2006

Crappy Day

Literally I'm afraid.

I pretty much spent the day cleaning up crap in one form or another. Allow me to enumerate:

1. Woke up to child smelling of spray stain remover for clothes-the petrochemical sort.
2. Get kiddo to shower and realize that my bed is covered in dog vomit.
3. Take shower, clean up kid, clean up dog vomit.
4. Realize that we're late to take B to school, rush off to school, get a phone call on the way to school-we were supposed to pick up another kid. Get other kid, show up late to school.
5. Return home to realize that child had sprayed stain remover all over kitchen.
6. Open cupboard to find scrub brush, realize sink is leaking and has been leaking for some time, given the mess under the sink.
7. Clean up mess under sink, petrochemical mess, and realize that the dog has made diarrhea all over the bedroom floor.
8. Clean up dog diarrhea and begin regular housework-realizing that it is now nearly noon, and almost time to get kiddo and friend from school.
9. Get laundry folded and bring into bedroom to hang up. Realize that dog has made diarrhea all over the "to be dry cleaned" pile. AKA my favorite "dry clean only" clothes.
10. Pick up said clothing and throw it in washer on delicate, praying that it will get diarrhea out and not ruin the clothes.
11. Pick up kiddos from school. Send them and dog out back. Go out and supervise because meter reader is here to download my meter on to his computer, and I don't want the kids or dog to terrorize the poor man, but neither do I want them terrorizing my house.
12. 2:30 PM-FINALLY get to my project of the day: picking up the family room. Between kiddo interruptions, finally get that done at 4.
13. DH returns home and I head to 4:30 chiro appointment to see if we can finally get rid of this headache. Yes, I still have migraine that began Saturday night. Today, we tried adjustment, acupuncture (yes, I got needles in my face. It felt good), and finally, drugs. It's down to a dull ache.
14. Returned home to find kid that was supposed to be picked up at 3 is still there-change dinner plans. Which goes back to the problem from last night-my oven stopped working last night. So tonight, I had to cook on the grill.

And so, I'm sure you'll all understand why I am very much looking forward to going to bed tonight. Tomorrow HAS to be a better day.


Heather Diane Tipton said...


Shirlee McCoy said...

Dreamy, you and I are so living the same life. I know all about migraines, kids doing weird and scary things, animal messes, days that go to pot before they even begin.

You know that I'm praying for you.

May today be better than yesterday. And tomorrow the best day, yet. May whatever life throws your way turn to rose pedals and laughter. Even when it looks and smells like...crap? ;0)

Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* sweetie. You definitely win the prize for THE worst day!

Patricia W. said...

Here's to a wonderful, relaxing, headache-free weekend!

Or at least one free from diarrhea!

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks Guys.

Shirlee, you never fail to uplift me. Any chance of you moving next door?

And YAY!! No more diarrhea!!