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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just a quick "I'm not dead" post

Let's see here... nothing inspirational, nothing funny, nothing disgusting, nothing even remotely interesting has happened to me lately.

Last night, we went camping with my FIL at a local lake. The kiddos were enthralled. Personally, I was just glad to have a mattress. Thus far, my children have yet to experience the joy of tent camping and peeing in the forest, and I thank God for that. There is nothing worse than getting bits of nature caught in your bits of nature, IMO. Which is why, when I read a book and the happy couple is going at it someplace like the beach or the woods, I think, "Gross."

This morning, we rode the bikes 3 miles into town for breakfast. Which would have been mildly enjoyable except for the fact that out of the gagillion gears my bike has, only two worked. Yes, picture out of shape mommy heaving it up the hills on a high gear. It was not pretty. But dangit, I rode the whole way, thank you very much.

Had a very nice breakfast, that I don't remember much of, since I was still getting the feeling back in my butt, and headed back to camp. Mostly downhill, except for one hill I'm going to call "the behemoth." It sucked. Especially since my FIL decided to help me out and get my bike into a really super low gear for the trip back. Which was awesome for conquering "the behemoth", let me tell you. I rode down that thing, thinking, "there is no way I'm getting back up this hill." I did. No getting off and walking for me. I did it.

Packed up camp, headed home, and because I come from a family with known mental problems, I decided to pull weeds. I spent an hour pulling weeds, filled one of those big trash cans, and I'm not sure you can see any difference.

However, given all my activity of late, I have to say that my butt still hurts, other parts of my body hurt, and now, I'm dealing with allergy issues.

But you want to know the really sick thing? I keep thinking that I need to do it more often.


Tori Lennox said...

Personally, I was just glad to have a mattress.

I hear you! My idea of roughing it is Motel 6. *g*

Danica/Dream said...