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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Monday: Goodbye Atlanta-Don't call me Sweetie

We woke up, finished packing, and went to breakfast. Then Dana had to leave, so we hugged, and I was on my own. I took a little nap, gathered my stuff, and checked out. I ran into Wayne in the lobby, so we chatted a bit, and then he had to go, too. After Wayne left, I wrote a bit more, and then packed up to head to the airport. Ran into Ola at the Concierge, so we traveled to the airport together. It was fitting-we came and left together, and never planned it.

In the airport, I got a book read, then it was time to board. I will just say that we had the world’s worst flight attendants. You have to understand, I’ve been flying since I was a little kid-at least 25 years-thanks to having divorced parents living on opposite sides of the country. So when I got a lecture on seat belt usage because *gasp* I had the nerve to unbuckle just long enough to turn off the air so I could feel my arms again, I was slightly annoyed.

However, the part which has earned this idiotic woman a death role in my next book is that she had to spend the entire flight speaking to me in a condescending manner and calling me, “Sweetie.” Just because you call me Sweetie doesn’t make you any less rude. In fact, it just annoys me more. I hate hate hate hate hate it when people think they can temper nastiness with adding an endearment. It does not work. Call a spade a spade, and don’t add to my dislike of you by being fake.

I could list all of the rude, condescending things this woman did, but frankly, she’s not worth wasting my time on. She’s dead now anyway. ;) She did go overboard on the whole safety thing, and I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with someone so intent on following the rules. My seatmate and I were clearly trying to put our laptops away (which we began as soon as the captain made his announcement), and she made a point of coming up to us and lecturing us about safety and how it was supposed to be stowed. Yes, we know. If you’d stop yapping at us, we’d have it finished. But, because the poor guy next to me was having trouble getting it done, she decided to make an announcement, singling him out, which was just slightly over the top.

We finally landed, and I finally got to see my honey and my kiddos. Even though I didn’t miss them in all the activity, I was sure glad to be back with them. I absolutely love being a writer, I absolutely love my job, but I really really love being a wife and mother.


Heather Diane Tipton said...

awww sounds like a great trip for the most part!

Tori Lennox said...

Re the dead stewardess, I'd be firing off a nasty letter to the airline. Report the bitch! :)