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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sunday: Goodbye to my friends

Pretty much everyone left Sunday-so it was just Dana and I, and a few stragglers. We spent the morning organizing stuff and getting our bags mostly packed. Then we went to drop our books to get shipped. After that, we went to the Margaret Mitchell house to learn about the genius behind Gone with the Wind. I was slightly disappointed there wasn’t more stuff, but we still learned a lot, and I got a really cool story idea.

We returned to the hotel, got in our bathing suits, grabbed our writing gear, and hit the pool to do some work. One thing I did get out of my pitch was some great advice (combined with amazing advice from Joanne Rock, who has a similar writing process to mine), so I was eager to start working on/adding to the book I pitched. I don’t think I need a subplot-I’ve got some character development to work on.

We sat in the pool and brainstormed with a couple of authors we ran into. It was a lot of fun, and I really got a good jumpstart. I ended up writing 8 pages.

When my laptop gave me the “your battery is going to die” warning, we packed up and headed to the room. We decided to have a girls night in, order pizza, and watch movies. So we did. I wrote a couple more pages, and stayed up way too late, because there were some good movies on.

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