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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

First snow

Enough said.

I'm off to hiberate until we hit 70 again...

We were NOT supposed to get this much snow. The good news is I put the kids to work cleaning, and I am pleased to announce that their play area is CLEAN!!! Par-tay time. The bad news is it's supposed to snow more tomorrow. ICK.

The baby was hillarious, because she's fascinated with the snow. I took her on the porch to play with it, and of course, she got upset with it because it was cold and she wouldn't put shoes on it. Plus, my chicken dog is afraid of snow. To get out of the wet, he knocked her over and made her fall in the snow, hit her noggin, and she cried. So I made a snowball for her and gave it to her. Well, she LOVED it. She called it her snowman and carried it around the house all night. I finally convinced her to carry it in a bowl, but still... it went with her everywhere all night. It was like this big wet security blanket. Until it melted. Then she drank it. Don't worry, I taught her about yellow snow. :)


angela said...

First snow is nice.. but it's still too early yet.. it can be cool, but not cold yet.
I'm glad it's supposed to be back up to 72 today!

Tori Lennox said...

Did you catch Veronica last night???

MommyCheryl said...

Oh, I'm jealous. We had snow flurries over in the mountains, but nothing where I live yet. We usually get a couple of dustings before november.

Danica/Dream said...

For us, this is a late first snow. Usually, we get one mid-sept, but didn't this year. We'll probably be back to 70 soon. Usually happens that way.

Tori, always. (Except when I go homicidal for missing it) I'm still processing though.

Cheryl, it'll be gone by tomorrow. We got a few inches, but it's mostly gone already except in the shade.